Dunstan Lounge Plays House

How many private tables can you fit in the top-floor VIP room? If it weren’t for those pesky Southampton Place Extension deed restrictions, this new mod stucco home on Dunstan near Morningside would be a prime candidate to become a Rice Village nightclub. Just 4 doors down from the Bolsover lot! Rope line can go through the garage if it rains.

But could you charge enough for bottle service to make a dent in the almost-$2.5-million asking price?

Have a tour before the light show begins:


Yes, that’s the Wine Room next to the Kitchen:

5 bedrooms, 5 full and 2 half-baths (all unisex); 7,000 sq. ft.

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  • 007 meets boogie-oogie-oogie. How ’bout them pink suede comfy chairs on chrome spindles.

  • No turrets?

  • I like the design, save for the outdoor lamps. They’re gross.

    And more windows on the ground and second floor. And I’d have preferred a porte-cochere where the garage is with the upper levels on piloti. That would be *too* old school though I guess. (I’d still do it.)

  • The bathroom sinks are too shallow to soak your undies.

  • Why is there a second kitchen in the photo titled lounge? Who has a kithen in their lounge? Preusmably its to save you the effort of going downstairs to the actual kitchen? Having said that who needs a second lounge or living room or whatever you want to call it. Just my opinion but I would say its a ghastly example of excess gone haywire.

  • Piloti? I suppose it does sound more expensive than stilts at least. It would also not technically be a porte-cochere unless it was designed purely for passing through to allow passengers to alight. If you park in it its a carport.

  • Isn’t this Frank Lopez’ house from Scarface? I’m looking for a scantily clad Michelle Pfeiffer to come down the glass elevator and entrance the gawking eyes of Tony Montana.

    Very nice house, although overpriced. That construction is MAYBE $150 a foot for the builder, MAYBE $80 a foot for the land. By my math, that puts the dirt at $528,000 and the house at $1,050,000

    All in $1.578 going for $2.5M?

  • What does the eternal flame at the pool commemorate?

  • “What does the eternal flame at the pool commemorate?”

    Maybe the oil BP was supposed to burn off?

  • I completely agree with missmsry on those sinks! Don’t even think about hand washing a sweater.

    And I’m wondering how much water splashes out of that thing when the water gets turned on HIGH.

  • Just roaring at the thought of a $2.5 million townhouse next to the La Brea Mud Pit – Southampton Syndrome strikes again!

  • The bathroom sinks are too shallow to soak your undies.


    It’s a $2.5 million dollar townhouse. The bathroom sinks are supposed to be chi-chi. Not functional.

    One assumes there is a laundry room. With a sink. For the maid to soak your undies in. There should also be a maid’s room for $2.5 million. And some decent landscaping.

    I like the dining room. About all I like.

    The living room is a design disaster the likes of which I have never seen – everything is out of scale relative to the room. An itty-bitty fireplace. And wall-to-wall sofas. How interesting. And that lamp hanging over the sofa defies explanation. But then the entire living room does.

    But then, at $2.5 million, the entire townhouse does. The dining room is nice. But not worth $2.5 million.

  • I agree with Matt. In my cheap suburban tract house, we soak undies in a metal pan on top of the washing machine. Don’t even want to see that in the bathroom.

  • Soak undies? Hand-wash a sweater? In *these* digs? Nah…just throw them in one of those fireplaces.

  • awesome how these pics look computer generated!

  • I’m a Houstonian living in Perth AU currently and my very first thought was that someone had paid a visit to my neighborhood here in Australia for design tips. Looks just like the modern luxury homes here – all stainless and concrete with 3 living areas all requiring their own sectional sofa and giant flat screen TV. I prefer a warmer living environment but there are apparently hoards of Aussies on board with the style.

  • Man, I would pay the 2.5 for this home. I love it. And who the $^%& washes underwear in the sink (thats what they did prior to laundry machines. The design is awesome!! It flows well. Pictures never do a place justice. I like the fact the ceilings all look high, just dont get that anymore.

    Most of you respond probably live in a 200 sq/ft dump and wouldnt know any better. All the pics look amazing. If I could afford it, I would definitely buy it.