What’s Next for That Parked Bolsover Sonoma Block

A tidbit from Lamesa Properties, proud owner of that block of Bolsover St. in the Rice Village that was supposed to turn into a grand plaza for Randall Davis’s Sonoma development, but for now is just a fenced-off lot:

Company representative Julie Tysor said that while construction is on hold, the firm is open to ideas for the site to have some “long-term benefit to the community.” For now, plans are under way to make the unpaved area a green space, and the paved area may be used for much-needed Village parking.

Photo of Sonoma Site on Bolsover St.: Miya Shay

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  • Make that paid parking!

    That lot would become a money making venture and every bar and business nearby will actually like it because it easily allows more customers in the area.

    Park there and go do all your Rice village shopping, eating, drinking.

  • How did I know that KJB would be thrilled with a parking lot in one of the few parts of town that could almost be called “pedestrian friendly”. . .

  • Such a cynical view, Ian. Why, don’t you know that developers can do NO wrong? And if you don’t like what they are doing in your neighborhood, why, just buy up all the property yourself.

    And if you already do own the property, and the developer gets their buddies at City Hall to take your property, well, guess you should have made more campaign contributions.

    And if the city owns the property? Easy. Sell it, and then use the sale proceeds to pay for improvements to said property benefiting the new owner. Afterall, that’s the Houston way.

  • Ian,

    How is my post against this pedestrian friendly area?

    Actually, my post is more pro pedestrian than you think.

    Most of the people that shop in the Rice Village live nowhere near the place requiring them to drive there. Then they get there and drive around for about 30 minutes to park.

    Whenever I have to go to the Rice Village area, I end up just paying to park in the Village Arcade and then spend the day going everywhere by foot besides just the Village Arcade.

    If people knew they could park in one location and get everywhere they would. Most of the parking in the area is designated for specific shops. They do tow to ensure their customers get the spaces.

    Parking at the Sonoma Lot and walking (or even say a small circulator bus or trolley) is a great option.

  • I’m surprised that some nearby resident with black clothes and wire cutters hasn’t just cut down the fences blocking Bolsover and liberated the street.

  • RWB – I like your idea best.

  • A friend who lives nearby told me that someone did cut open the fence and reopen the street, and someone (either the developer or the city) put up big metal gates on the street.

  • Pat’s Grand Idea for Lots Staying Vacant Until the Economy Turns Around:


    (and yes, the economy WILL turn around because I voted for Obama and I know he will fix everything, including split ends.)

  • How about kitchen gardens — might help ease the impact of the coming collapse.


  • Why can’t they make that site into a park? It would be nice for Rice Village to have a green area. It would be good for small events, concerts, etc.