East End Dreams: Living Hope in Action at the Corner of 75th and Lawndale

East End blogger Dana Jennings was eager to see what the owners of what was once the Avalon Theater at the corner of Lawndale and 75th St. — just east of the Forest Park Cemetery — had in mind for the property. From last month:

It’s most recent use was as a church. Usually alot of traffic, both foot and vehicular, was seen on Sundays. They’ve moved to a more hopeful location about 2 years ago.

I always thought this would be remodeled into apartment homes. It’s right across the street from La Michocana Meat Market and Grocery, the 99 Cent store, CVS pharmacy, fast food and the Washateria. The bus line runs along Lawndale. It’s a lively corner, active, but again, and I know I’m repeating myself, it’s not threatening. In other obvious words, it would make a great place for new apartments.

The building, still labeled “Living Hope Church,” was demolished September 4th. So what’s the latest on the property?


Jennings finds the FOR SALE sign is still there.

I’ve posted previously how healthy this intersection is. The delicious La Victoria Bakery is nearby and La Michoacan Meat Market holds down the fort across the street from this lot. Vietnamese Sandwiches, Amegy Bank, Popeyes, CVS Pharmacy and a fresh Seafood Market add to the mixta. Something right, imperfect yet viable, is at work at this intersection of commerce and households.

My question today: What’s the highest use of this 1.5 acres, with an asking sales price of $1.5mil?

Does the price knockout any fanasty of putting a multistory residental building into the healthy caldo at this corner?

Photos: Flickr user accent on eclectic (church; license); Dana Jennings (lot and demo)

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  • This feculent eyesore should be converted to a home for wayward creatins. The brutish lot who frequent the nearby Meat Market and 99 Cent store will applaud such a bold move and likely inhabit said den of feculence. Those of you in the business of real property development should take notice of my vision and commend its foresight. That is all.

  • I see this property sitting vacant for a while, though it will temporarily serve as a place for garage sales or accommodate those guys who sell cheap-looking paintings and oriental rugs out of the back of their vehicles.

  • My bet is that it takes a while to unload the property and in the meantime it will be a used car lot / flea market for amateur oil paintings hecho en Mexico.

  • What about the old Tyson Foods building on Canal and Commerce St.? Does anyone know what the plan is? I see the for sale sign out front and security gaurds are still on the premise….but no activity. I am surprised the lofts have not begun to sprout there too…