Everything Was Going Fine at the Berryhill in Cinco Ranch — Until This Happened

EVERYTHING WAS GOING FINE AT THE BERRYHILL IN CINCO RANCH — UNTIL THIS HAPPENED The Berryhill Baja Grill in Villagio Town Center — that Tuscan-themed shopping center in Cinco Ranch — has closed. “Not hugely newsworthy,” a Swamplot reader admits — except for one little part of the story. According to a lawsuit filed earlier this month by Villagio Partners, the restaurant hasn’t paid its rent in twenty-seven months. Berryhill moved into the shopping center in August 2007 but the franchise’s operators haven’t paid at all since the beginning of 2009, according to a filing with the Harris County District Court. [Ultimate Katy] Photo: Villagio Town Center

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  • The Berryhill at 1960W and Champion Forest was closed for a while early in its operation for the same thing. There was a sign (for a few months IIRC) stating that they were closed due to lack of payment. They’ve been consistently open for a few years now though.

  • Not paying the rent must be a business strategy of Berryhill management. The same thing happened to the Berryhill on Westpark at Buffalo Speedway. It was closed for quite a while (maybe a year) and one time I asked the staff at the Berryhill on Post Oak if it was every going to reopen. The response was that they owed so much that they didn’t think they would ever open back up. Something must have finally been worked out though, since it did reopen a few months ago.

  • Surprising, considering I can’t seem to get dinner for 2 there for less than $35. Absurd. Portions aren’t even that big.

  • From j:

    Surprising, considering I can’t seem to get dinner for 2 there for less than $35. Absurd. Portions aren’t even that big.

    What all does that include? When I down a bunch of margaritas, my bill is much higher. But without alcohol, I can feed my family of 6 there for less than $35.

  • Considering how foul their burritos are, I’m surprised any of them are open.

  • They must be taking lessons from Azzarelli’s. Everywhere they open, they eventually close for skipping out on the rent….Eldridge….La Centerra (or was it Villagio?)….West Houston…

  • Of course, unless the franchise operators are the same people as run the company owned locations you would have to deduce that this issue has nothing at all to do with Berryhill or their management. Shurkatch LLC are the franchise operators. Don’t let that stop you though folks.