Comment of the Day: The Hummus and Brie Desert in East Downtown

COMMENT OF THE DAY: THE HUMMUS AND BRIE DESERT IN EAST DOWNTOWN “. . . The census records just came out, and EaDo’s population gained 3500 people (of course in 2000 EaDo didn’t exist… it was just a warehouse district). If EaDo wants to actually KEEP these new residents, it’s gonna have to build us a damn grocery store that has stuff we actually eat!! That means Hummus, Brie, F-R-E-S-H produce and a deli that offers some actual prepared foods. . . . I should NOT have to drive to West Gray or Montrose just to get fresh Cilantro!!” [wayne2k33, commenting on Here’s Your Montrose Kroger, All Dressed Up]

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  • What a sorry excuse for an urban pioneer Wayne is…

    Years ago when I was an urban pioneer in Midtown we’d drive all the way to HEB on Fountainview for decent produce.

    Thankfully Wayne can limp along with Phoenicia Specialty Foods in the near future.

    Not to mention I bet he can get to HEB at Gulfgate just as quick at Cougar Kroger.

  • …and here we see the rare North American Gentrifier, communicating through a technique, common among their type, known as whining.

  • and HEB at Gulfgate just ain’t that great anymore…….

  • PYE…

    HEB ain’t that great no matter the location. And Wayne, why did you move there if the green grocers aren’t up to snuff?

  • Personally I miss the warehouse district. ‘EaDo’ is not an improvement.

  • I dunno… people should check out a neighborhood to make sure it has what they need before they move there?

    Nah, much better to move somewhere then whine about what you don’t like, such as no upscale grocery stores, lack of street curbs here in RiMi (my new, hipper name for Rice Military), or the people who didn’t know that the trains on the 100 year old tracks blow their horns at grade crossings.

  • Yeah and it looks like all that “whining” got a quiet train zone which benefits more than just the RiMis and we know know that the RiMis will probably get curbs and gutters in 10 years or so due to all that “whining” from the Civic Association. Seems to me that someone wants to live in a time warp.
    Please tell me that you must be the “hoarder” who lives two blocks south of Washington on the corner of Reinerman. It would all fit in to place.

  • Seriously, the Fiesta on Main is excellent.
    I cannot understand why people move into the city and then whine because it isn’t the suburbs. Like the woman who said to me “Wouldn’t it be nice if they put in some GOOD stores on 19th Street, like Talbots?”

  • EaDo sounds like a joke, and probably won’t last. Sorry people invested there, but developers have to keep speculating and marketing grads need jobs…

    Isn’t there a Kroger on Polk, just after you go under the railroad bridge? Is it by Eastwood? Aren’t there still Asian groceries off St. Emmanuel and over behind the GRB? Could always just move back to Katy or Pasadena or wherever or just quit your bitching about your own silly decision to live in EaDo.

  • Whatever happened to Epicurean Express? Did that/ will that ever open? I thought it would be a nice supplement to Kombat Kroger or Gulfgate HEB.

    Wayne, try Specs on Smith for some of the stuff you are looking for. It’s a bit closer than the other Krogers.

  • Anyone who would suggest the Polk Kroger as a viable alternative has obviously never been to the Polk Kroger. That place isn’t fit for animals, much less humans.

  • I don’t regret my decision to move to East Downtown one bit. I love it here. Every part of town is accessible and there are lots of wide roads that don’t get congested like other parts of town — making this “silly” place attractive for more development.

    Wayne, the Buffalo Market HEB is very easy to get to, about 10 minutes on 59, and it has a better selection than Gulfgate HEB. Unless something better comes along, I’m perfectly fine with driving 20 minutes round trip once a week. In my opinion, it’s much better than living in suburbia and spending an hour in the car each way commuting to work five days per week.

  • Yo, Wayne my Homes! Here in da ‘Do, we grow our own cilantro and make our own hummus. Just sayin’.


  • weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • I don’t think it’s fair to say EaDo residents are “whining” about not having a decent grocery store or that they should move out to the ‘burbs. I love my “silly” neighborhood, and I grow my own cilantro, but it’d be great if Montrose could send one of their MANY grocers this way. With the stadium, the proposed promenade, and tons of new residents, EaDo needs something other than the Polk Kroger.

    @Lauren H. What did happen with Epicurean Express? I drove by it not too long ago, and it definitely didn’t look open. I was looking forward to it.

  • Can’t wait for sh*t to hit the fan, then i can use my arsenal on people like Wayne!

  • People like Wayne will evaporate when the sh*t hits the fan. Better to save yo ammo.

  • Pardon, but it’s hardly whining to want improvement for your neighborhood regardless of where you reside. I moved to EaDo more than ten years ago long before it had a nickname, and it’s been a long time coming to get a decent grocery store, drycleaner, etc. I don’t regret the decision because I saved thousands of hours of commuting in lieu of those conveniences, however, there are now more than enough residents to support some of those sought after amenities.

  • It takes a long time.

    I moved to The Heights in ’81. There were two small family owned groceries and two small and scuzzy Krogers for the first 20 years. (One indepenent grocery became a scuzzy HEB Pantry, then was bulldozed.)
    It is only in this century that we didn’t have to leave the ‘hood for the majority of the groceries. (There was breifly had an Albertson’s up in Timbergrove.)
    What I’m saying is this; when you have, as a group, met the income and density criteria, you will get a modern, full service grocery in EaDo.
    It took McMansions to get interest in the Heights.

  • From sugarpie:
    Yo, Wayne my Homes! Here in da ‘Do, we grow our own cilantro and make our own hummus. Just sayin’.
    Amen to that sista! Grown Yo Own! I do and love it. all that i grow is green and mean, is the way to grow. Hummus is real simple Google it! its in Cooking for Dummies.

  • Believe it or not, the Kroger on Polk & Cullen has improved since I moved to Eastwood although it is still not up to par with Krogers elsewhere. We need to let Kroger management know that the store needs to be upgraded; why not remodel and expand into adjacent empty building? I think part of the reasons Kroger is such a dump is that no one complains although I shop there regularly since they closed HEB Pantry store on Harrisburg to open Gulfgate HEB, which is a monstrosity.

  • Buying in Eado was the best decision I’ve ever made! I’m up 20% in property value in 2 years!