Filipino Fast Food Coming to S. Main

A reader sends this photo of the work in progress at the former Blockbuster at 8001 S. Main St., which in September will open as Jollibee Chicken & Burgers, the first Texas location of the largest fast-food chain in the Philippines. It will be located right next door to the Jersey Mike’s there in the crotch of S. Main and O.S.T., just northwest of Reliant Park.

Photo: Swamplot inbox

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  • When I was in San Diego last year I was very curious about this place. You can get fried chicken AND spaghetti here. It should be a huge success in Houston. We love us some fast food.

  • As the Fattest City in America (and probably the world) several years running, it seems like it’s a culinary gold rush here and every fast,junk,chain and upscale food seller in the world is looking for a place to stake their claim.

  • Every fast food chain, huh? So where’s In-N-Out?

  • The So. Main area is already populated by almost every fast-food chain in America. This one is Phillipino, which is quasi-American. So I suppose that’s progress.

  • go to their website and check out the menu. A bit different that what we are used to from fast food.
    You can get bangus or spam.

  • Love of Basketball is really one of the only things that our two cultures share, Chef.

  • That’s funny since the best food in all of Manila is the Kentucky Fried Chicken near the airport!

  • I’m pretty sure A. Bourdain visited this chain on one of his recent episodes. It seems to have a cult following out in LA.

  • Still waiting for the Korean fried chicken place…BonChon.

  • Makes perfect sense when you consider the concentration and demographic composition of healthcare professionals nearby and their commuting patterns.