Ode to Electricity: A Nighttime Romp Through the Energy Capital of the World

Who says Houston isn’t fast-paced and funky when the sun goes down? If you’ve got a minute, check out this time-lapse video made by Spenser Harrison. It takes in all the lit-up hotspots in H-Town: Main St., the Galleria, Reliant Stadium — heck, even the Pierce Elevated!

Video: Spenser Harrison

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  • The Pierce Elevated should be declared a Texas Historical Monument, that way they can never tear it down.

  • Pierce Elevated needs to be underground with a park above it.

  • I bet Private Idaho’s idea happens before CB’s.

  • Highlights:

    1. Texting while driving

    2. Miles of empty downtown streets that are one-way and at least four lanes wide.

    3. The shot of the Westheimer ring-shaped sign in Uptown was pretty neat.

  • Lots of cars on the streets and not many people walking around. Summarizes Houston pretty well! Probably why there had to be some cheezy background music since there isn’t much street ambiance. Not too bad of a video though.

  • They already tore it down once, about 15 years ago, and rebuilt it.

  • @ CB

  • Only a nobody walks in Houston.

  • Only place where you can see significant human activity is heading to the parking lot from reliant stadium. Depressing.

  • stay in your cars folks, enough bloated bodies roaming around inside the stores as it is. would hate to have to walk around you all on the way to the store as well.

  • Yes. Stay in your cars. That way, you won’t have to associate with the sweaty idiot douchebags walking on the side of the road for the sake of looking cool on the internet.

  • well, there is such a thing as acclimation. if the average walk in the montrose district makes you break out in uncomfortable sweat then you probably need to get outside more…probably a lot more.

    i’d have rather seen someone complain about how priviliged yuppies and rich folks are the only ones that can afford to live in walkable neighborhoods, but i guess that’s nowhere near a concern for you.

  • I’m a little confused as to why this comment thread is focusing on walking. You know what looks really cool in sped-up video (and photographs) at night? LIGHTS. Specifically lights attached to cars and/or other lights that move. A video of this type wouldn’t look as visually cool as it does even if it were focusing on places where people do walk a lot. Because people don’t have headlights.

  • Don’t mind Joel, he’s just off on one of his little rants again.

  • I want to clarify the lack of human activity seen in this. Although I filmed a lot of daytime activity; people walking, the battleship, Astros game, etc. I didn’t include it because the night time shots looked better, I wanted to keep it short, and the theme relatively the same. I plan on making another one (with better shots) since this was just a compilation of videos I’ve taken over the last year with no initial intention of making a video out of it. I’m open to any suggestions on new spots. Thanks everyone for the kind words, the overwhelming;y positive reception, and sorry for texting and driving. It was the hardy.

  • I love how you can see (ever so briefly) the yellow light on stoplights. It’s quick, but it’s a neat effect.

  • Entertaining 1:46. Thanks Spenser.

  • and that’s Spenser, with a “S”.

  • Spenser, what camera did you shoot this on and how did you shoot it?