Fort Worth Developer Buys Himself an Empty AstroWorld

The 104-acre site of the former AstroWorld amusement park has a new owner: the Mallick Group, a development company out of Fort Worth. But unlike the previous owners, Conroe’s Angel/McIver Interests, Michael Mallick doesn’t appear to have a grand vision for the long-vacant lot. He tells Wall Street Journal reporter Kris Hudson that his company is looking into building “a number of things” on the site — perhaps medical facilities, offices, or apartments.

Angel/McIver bought the property from Six Flags in 2005, shortly after the amusement park across the freeway from the Astrodome parking lot was torn down.

Photo: Click2Houston

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  • All I’m asking for is one roller coaster and some cotton candy.

  • and funnel cake.

    That is actually one piece of property that I was hoping would be developed to some grand vision.

  • Some cows would be nice.

  • I vote for a new amusement park.

  • Seems like a good spot for grandstands from which to watch Cherry’s demolition of the Astrodome.

  • Can’t wait to see the giant box rolled in and opened to reveal a strip center with:
    1) Starbucks on the corner
    2) Bed, Bath & Beyond
    3) Borders|Barnes and Noble(choose one)
    4) High-end Dentistry office not covered under any mere mortal’s dental plan
    5) Wine bar
    6) $6 ice cream place
    7) vitamin/supplement retailer
    8) standard set of strip center restaurants(Chinese, Italian, Tex-Mex deli, etc.)
    9) if the place is classy enough, may graduate to having Next Tier of ethnic-themed restaurants(Thai, Vietnamese, Indian, Greek, etc.)
    10) Starbucks on the opposite corner

    I wonder whatever happened to the giant globe in front of Astroworld’s entrance, the steam locomotive that circled the park or the trams that ferried people over the freeway.

  • aw, I’m with Miz: That site would make a very nice prairie.
    It could host balloonar lift-offs and kite-flying meets.

  • There’s a shortage of Soapbox Derby tracks on the south side, and no Commish Radack to fill the need down here. He took care of the NW/Hockley side; now we need a hero down here.


  • I have a very specific notion:

    Townhouses. Expensive ones. Lots of lick ‘n stick. Nothing bigger than a 2×10 on the entire lot.

    C’mon, tell me I’m wrong. Go ahead. Put some money on it. I dare you. I’ll give 3-1 odds.

    Definitely an on-site Laundromat. (Or is that passe?)

  • Despite all of the investment along South Main in recent years, this area is still a wasteland. This property has climate-controlled storage and low-end strip malls written all over it.

  • It doesn’t seem that many think highly about this piece of land – WHY IS THAT? I would think that it would be extremely sought after since it is really close to the med center, museum district, and basically all of central Houston.
    Any answers from MattMystery? – I usually like his answers.