Fresh Tide Branding on Shepherd Leaves Dressy MW Cleaners Sign High and Dry

MW Cleaners’ bowtie logo is now going out of style on the corner of Shepherd and Colquitt St. as the franchise dresses down all of its 36 black-tie-branded locations in Houston and redecorates them under the Tide detergent logo. At the Montrose shop, the tall sign pictured behind the dumpster in the photo at top looking south is just about all that’s left of the cleaners’ old look.

New lettering and logoing at 3425 Shepherd has already taken the place of the old (pictured above), and under the angled porte-cochère, fresh window decals mark the transformation as well:


Although MW’s only brick-and-mortar locations are in Houston, the rising tide of Tide redos is also planned for its Austin delivery service.

Photos: Margo (new); MW Cleaners (old)

Tidal Wave

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