Art Supply Will Color In This Gray Almeda Rd. Box Once Exiled from Main St.

A new sketch of the Almeda Rd. building that Art Supply on Main wants to construct and move into shows the borders and outlines of what’s planned for its exterior. Like the current store — soon to make way for the highrise that’s taking over its lot between Drew and Dennis streets — the new one will include studio and living spaces along with retail, all within 2 stories. It’ll sit on a 2-plus acre site — highlighted by the red polygon in the map above (and nuzzled by a pale blue limb of 500-year floodplain) — originally part of Riverside Terrace, now just west of 288 and across from Our Legends Cigar Bar off Oakdale St.

Parking will remain in the back, with entrances off Oakdale and an alley to the south indicated in the site plan below:


The city planning commission plans to decide on Thursday whether the building will sit as close to Almeda as it’s shown above — 10 ft. away, as opposed to your typical 25.

A pair of curb cuts — shown below on the right — interrupt that Almeda frontage now:

The developer says it’ll fill them both in, rebuild the sidewalk at an 8-ft. width, add a bike rack and bench by the front entrance, and even drop a few new trees in the planned 4-ft.-wide patch at the back of the curb.

On Oakdale — pictured below — a new 6-ft. wide sidewalk would run over what’s there now:

Elevation, map, and site plan: Houston Planning Commission. Photos: LoopNet

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