Australian Developer Now Has All 3 Midtown Blocks Lined Up for Incoming Highrise Trio

AUSTRALIAN DEVELOPER NOW HAS ALL 3 MIDTOWN BLOCKS LINED UP FOR INCOMING HIGHRISE TRIO The Australian developer planning a trio of towers and lower-level retail on 3 adjacent Main St. blocks recently bought a chunk of the middle one — now home to Art Supply on Main — giving it free rein over the entire zone it wants to rebuild between McGowen and Tuam streets. Earlier renderings (since yanked from the interwebs) showed that 30,000-sq.-ft. middle parcel off Drew St. housing a highrise with signage for “The Drew Hotel” and Aussie brewery Little Creatures. The art store doesn’t plan to move out until next spring, says the developer Caydon Property, so any transformative tower work will have to wait. But in the meantime, construction’s already gone vertical on the block directly south of it, where a 27-story building is taking the place of the former Mental Health and Mental Retardation Authority campus torn down last year. [Previously on Swamplot] Photo of Art Supply on Main: Keaton Joyner

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  • Woohoo! Midtown is moving ‘Uptown’.

    Caydon is a great builder and they have a great location located across from Midtown Park. Meanwhile down the street at the old CoH codes building site, foundation prep work is in full force.

  • All developers better take notice. Midtown is gonna have a pretty sweet skyline soon. Also, with the new “tech district” coming to Midtown things are about to go thru the roof. Still, Midtown needs at least 15 to 20 more Mid Rises and High rises and I want them ASAP.

  • This site has called itself ‘ Art Supply ‘ for a good 20 years. Its just a name. Never even been a gallery, for crissakes, much less a source of supplies

  • @JC – if those brushes, oils, acrylics, canvasses, supplies of watercolor paper, etc. stocked by Art Supply aren’t art supplies, then what the heck are they? Jeez..

    Admit it. You’ve never set foot in the place. Your comment is baffling.

  • Art Supply has been an art supply shop for probably 50 years. Now it will become another ghost place.

  • @JC: not sure if you’re being sarcastic, but Art Supply on Main will be missed. It was a great place for college kids who could only use the light rail to get art supplies.
    Also, there were several art galleries nearby in Midtown. I’m not sure if they’re still open but I went to them back in college.

  • Meanwhile, GID Development Co. , based in Boston – has only erected the Sovereign apt bldg @ 3233 W. Dallas St. 77019 as part of their Regent Square project. Most of which is generating property taxes. And there is a projected 20,000 + new construction unit overhang in the FY 2018 Houston apartment market.According to the “experts” will be quickly absorbed by projected population increases…Yeah..We’ve heard all of the speculative b.s. talk before. We’ll see exactly how this all plays out..

  • Wouldn’t that poor art student who has to take light rail just order some art supplies on amazon like everyone else does for everything else?

  • If Caydon Property is to have “free rein over the entire zone it wants to rebuild between McGowen and Tuam streets”, it raises the question of the fate of the former Greensheet Building.

    Have they acquired this property, or does someone else have plans for it? I assume the little Vietnamese restaurant on Fannin and the bars on McGowen behind Greensheet will be obliterated.

    @Cody: Note that Lulu said “was” – ten or fifteen years ago, Amazon wasn’t as much a ‘thing’ as it is now. Also, students might require a needed supply ASAP, and the rail is convenient to both the Glassell School and the Art Supply store.

  • The owners of Art Supply are moving to a new location. This is a successful store, and the owners have no intention of closing up and retiring. In addition, this building has been used as studios for artists for decades as well as a location for art classes. Their new location will also have art studios.

    In addition to the art supply store, the artists’ studios and the classrooms, this building has a small number of apartments. I should know–I live in one of them.