Blank Abel Motors Sign Now Directing N. Shepherd Traffic to Its Burger Joint Replacement

Although the lettering’s been gone from Abel Motors’ roadside sign since the auto shop moved in 2016, it’s still got a helpful pointer for passers-by: The Burger Joint is about to take the place over. Pictured above is what the dealership looked like on the northeast corner of Shepherd and 20th St. in its heyday. Since peeling out for a new spot at 9102 Airline Dr., its old digs have been transformed by the brick strip center pictured at top — soon to house the burger restaurant’s first venture north from its sole existing location on Montrose at Westheimer.

Another view of the new burger sign shows it’s still drawing a blank on lower-level messaging:


It’s the second time that a food place has picked up where a car lot left off at this particular Heights crossroads. Pizza parlor Mellow Mushroom did so on the catty-corner property 2 years ago, replacing Dealer Sales. (Meanwhile, Jack in the Box has been a staple fast food at the intersection, holding court on the northwest corner for over a decade.)

Photos: Lisa L. Riley (Burger Joint); Swamplox inbox (Abel Motors)

Shifting Gears

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  • That Jack in the Box is maybe the worst in the country. Supernatural slow and they act like you are hassling them by ordering food. Basically Popeye’s without the food to back it up.

  • @ Clyde Frog – I’ve never been to the N. Shephard location of Jack in the Box but I can assure you that the one on Montrose and Lovett had acquired a similar reputation several years ago. After a couple of encounters such as those you described, I’ve sworn off the place. Even the manager was rude.
    In addition, when Hurricane Ike smashed their main sign, it remained an eyesore and unwelcome reminder of the storm for well over a year. Not what I’d call a good corporate neighbor.

  • why on earth did they not repurpose the original sign?

  • Really needed another burger option in that area. So within a couple minutes drive of each other there will now be The Burger Joint, Balls Out Burger, Hubcap, Bernies Burger Bus, Becks Prime, Christians Tailgate, Wataburger, Cedar Creek, and all the other fast food options.

  • @DL,
    Don’t forget Hopdoddy, coming to 19th and Nicholson. Also FM Kitchen, Smashburger, Five Guys and the Counter are within a few minute’s drive.

  • @Augustino,
    Forgot those and also Petrol Station. So yeah, that area is definitely lacking options for a burger.

  • Add in that practically every other restaurant in the area has their own burger that they’ll be more than happy to sell you.

    I think we just discovered the ubiquity of the burger in American cuisine on Swamplot, guys! Great job to all involved, including most especially all of those delicious cows.

  • Dont forget Shephard Park