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  • Cannon. Ball.

  • “Come experience pure Texas in this extraordinary Hill Country home….”
    Yes, come frolic in the rolling hills and dales, the breathtaking limestone vistas, come experience the extraordinary Hill Country……of Friendswood.

  • Alvin’s suburbia.

  • My fav is the ceiling fan tucked into the corner, next to the attic door with the cotton rope dangling from it. This is typical for your suburban nouveau riche estate. Thrown up in 3 months with all the money and attention being put in superfluous things like wooden windmill towers and a step-down limestone wall in the living room, then neglect details like placement of ceiling fans and cheap attic doors.

  • Superdave, you got ’em by the short hairs. Nothing screams old money or will get you into Architectural Digest quicker than having well placed ceiling fans and expensive, hand-crafted pull down attic stairs. Works every time, I tell you.

  • Note the careful positioning of hunting trophies, crosses, and AC vents. Because Jesus told me to kill those animals and keep their heads in a controlled environment.

  • Superdave has a point. My favorite is a brand new house with 3 vent stacks sticking out of the roof for every bathroom and then not even trying to hide them from the street elevation.