From the River Bottom to the Docks in Midtown

Swamplot commenter drlan34 reports (and that Dumpster in the photo above would appear to confirm) that a good gutting is going on to renovate the old dive bar Brazos River Bottom into a new restaurant, identified on that yellow permit window dressing as Docks on Brazos. The building here at 2400 Brazos and McIlhenny in Midtown shares a parking lot with the also-being-renovated Bremond Street Grill and backs up against the opened-just-a-few-months-ago Dogwood Houston, a bar paid for by a team from Austin that includes one-time reality teevee hunk Brad Womack and his identical twin brother.

Photo: Allyn West

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  • But will they keep the naked gay cowboy mural on the wall inside?

  • It was gay country and western bar, much like the one on Cedar Springs in Dallas, it wasn’t a “dive” bar–whatever the hell that is-I’m assuming a hole in the wall–it wasn’t the River Oaks County Club, but it was hardly some dark back alley bar in South Phily–to describe it that way is borderline homophobic, but it’s Swamplot and they often don’t notice things like that or just let it slide, since it seems common practice, right Swamplot

  • Actually, relative to the gay country bar in Dallas, it WAS rather divey. And the patrons wondered if the place was going to collapse on them – I’m stunned to see that the building is being renovated not demolished.

  • I was in there only once a few years back, and it seemed like a typical county bar( only gay)–maybe it became a total dump, and yeah, the one in Dallas was way better, just like the Dallas J.R.’s is better, South Beach vs S4 is a toss up—

  • BRB was definitely NOT a dive, but a very welcoming, friendly, and lively neighborhood bar. I’ve been to many a bar, and this one was a favorite. Relative to the Roundup in Dallas where you could cut the attitude with a knife, there was never any pretense at Brazos River Bottoms. A real loss…..and NOT caving in.

  • There are those that maintain that relative to Dallas, Houston is rather divey (and humid, and for some Lord unknown reason hotter).

  • The BRB was definitely not a dive. Considering the large crowds that it drew, many of the new bars in Midtown and along Washington Ave would be jealous.

    Alas, the operators of the bar didn’t own the property.

    There are alternatives, but they are not located near central Houston. Other gay country establishments are located near the Woodlands, in Humble, and a new one is going to open on Hempstead Highway.

  • I guess the fact that it didn’t cater to young straight hipsters makes it a “dive bar”. Good going Swamplot!

  • Kinda wish i would have made it to this place now. Anyhow, the whole building looks as if it is about to fall down. Hard to believe they are just renoing the place.

  • #3, #9:
    Current structure has zero-foot setbacks. If they demo, they’d have to reduce the footprint.

  • “Dive” is now used as a term of endearment, not derogation.

  • Rodrigo, I guess that depends on who you are…..

  • Please don’t take my point about relative divey-ness as compared to Dallas as criticism. I’d rather have rough-edged friendliness over shiny polished attitude any day.

    My main criticism of the BRB was the poor quality of the music and how loud (LOUD) they played it. But maybe my taste in country music is just too traditional for most.

    Apart from that, my point about the condition of the building still stands.

  • Whenever I had friends in from the Northeast, I always took them to the BRB. Talk about a cultural experience. Sad to see her go. Another part of old gay Houston has died. And, it’s true, it was one of the friendliest bars you’d ever find. RIP BRB.

  • How long had the BRB been around? I asked a gay friend a few months ago and they had no idea. I’d only first noticed it a few years ago. And I didn’t realize it was a gay bar (and get the punny name) until we stopped in for a beer and noticed the big mural.

  • Drew J, 35 years.

  • enuf already…here is the def of a dive….A well-worn, unglamorous bar, often serving a cheap, simple selection of drinks to a regular clientele……they kids play nice ok..