Glenbrook Valley’s Battle of the Halloween Lawn Decorations

Halloween Tombstones in Glenbrook Valley

Glenbrook Valley’s not-so-neighborly Battle of the Flags moves on to a new set of weapons: Halloween tombstones! In advance of the holiday, neighbors put up this frightening display, apparently for the benefit of longtime Confederate-flag-fan T.C. Burton, who lives across the street: Individual tombstones for Bigotry, Racism, Discrimination, Cruelty, Intolerance, Prejudice, Hate, Violence, and a few other demons.

“Sparks should start flying soon,” commented one chronicler of the display in an email to friends.

And sure enough, Burton has unleashed a marked grave of his own:


Closeup of Tombstone on Yard of T.C. Burton’s House, Glenbrook Valley, Houston

What’s that grave marker on Burton’s lawn say? A Swamplot reader reports:

“Devil’s Crowd” across the top, with “Queers, child molesters, lesbians, drug dealers and users” He also taped a hand scrawled sign to his window “cemetery of those that violate God’s Law”

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  • Nothing like projecting being tolerant then visually displaying your intolerance to another persons views.

  • Yeah well, I must confess an intolerance to stupid views, but with posts ranging from defending crappy architecture to praising the demolition of the River Oaks shopping center, I guess I have been forced to tolerate it at swamplot from time to time.
    As for the owners of the tombstone display, yes, they have shown an intolerance. An intolerance to prejudice, violence, bigotry, etc. Some things should not be tolerated. It is just unfortunate that has to be explained to some people.

  • You’d think Mr Burton would be happy that gay people are dragging his property values up out of the shanty town range. It takes early adopters to transform neighborhoods and, cliche though it may be, those early adopters have been gay couples in the 4 major metro areas in 2 countries that I have lived in in the last 10 years.
    As for being tolerant of other peoples views. There are views and then there is bigotry. One is a part of free speech, the other should be sent to the exurbs to live in a faux tudor mediterranean.

  • How does one define a view as stupid?

    As a gay man, I’m expected to assail people like Mr. Burton and his views, but it’s hard to do that when I see some of the worst bigotry, racism, and discrimination in my own supposedly “tolerant” community.

    Always beware of those that preach tolerance, for those are the ones who are the most intolerant of others’ views.

    A truly tolerant person wouldn’t go after Mr. Burton. You can disagree with him and his views, but in the umbrella of tolerance you are supposed to allow him to be a part of the community. Stamping out views (no matter how misguided you think they are) goes against the very foundation that this nation was built upon. Unless Mr. Burton is going door to door physically harming or destroying the lives of the people he dislikes, he is doing nothing wrong. He has a prejudice just like every human being, just as long as his prejudice doesn’t lead to discriminating acts.

    And being offended is no reason to take action. There is no right to not be offended.

  • How does one define stupid views? Well you know it when you see it.

  • Frankly, I find all yard displays, either for holidays, religious occasions or political displays distasteful and offensive. What most of these clowns don’t get is that in a post-Christian, pluralistic country without borders everyone is entitled to believe anything they want too and everyone gets to decide what is right and what is wrong for themselves. There are no shared values, no common beliefs and no anchor in historical relevance because we get to re-write history every 25 years. So, anytime I have the opportunity, my message is real simple, keep your politics, your religion and your flags to yourself because to engage in these displays is to ensure your insulting someone, you know it, and I can only assume you make your displays with the intention of insulting people.

  • “post-Christian, pluralistic country without borders” WTF? What are you smokin? While I’m not big on yard decorations, the concept of countries without borders is stupid. Tell that whole concept to the people in the UK where the idiots are actually allowing sharia law courts, or perhaps in other european countries where militant islamofascists have created nightmarish living conditions because of lax immigration controls. Or perhaps we could discuss illegal immigration into the US from Mexico that costs US taxpayers millions and millions of dollars every year…not to mention contributing thousands of dangerous criminals into the societal fabric of the US. And, we could compare the US’s immigration controls to that of Mexico’s on Mexico’s southern borders where it’s don’t do as I do, do as I say. Those who think a one world order is our future have alot to learn from history. While putting a confederate flag on your doorstep doesn’t seem like the smartest thing for someone to do in my book, we all have that right. It also doesn’t mean we are racists and bigots if we do display that flag. I will concur that some of the most prejudiced people I have ever encountered are waving the flag of intolerence the most. People are people and everyone is different. Just because someone thinks differently than you do, doesn’t automatically make them a leper.

  • I thought the first house should also display 46 million crosses for the aborted babies in our country, add 4,000 daily… but I’m not sure their yard is big enough.

  • Just found this site, so I know this is an old story. I would like to point out to the people who object to the tombstones that those people have the same right to make their views public as Mr. Burton does. You don’t have to agree with either one of them to agree that they both have the right to express their opinions. We can’t stop him from being bigoted, and we can’t stop them from responding to that bigotry if they choose to.

  • Pray for Mr. Burton, I live across the street from him!

  • All serious points of views on serious issues. Its too bad that the subject has to have manifested itself on Halloween tombstone props. These things are meant for fun and a little light weight scaring around the Halloween season – This here seems to be a have become omething more frightening than the tombstones themselves…