10/21/08 9:35am

Kung-Fu Panda, Po, at 8601 Westview, Cedarwood, Spring Valley, Houston

For a good 3 weeks, this Kung Fu Panda stood guard over the front yard of a Spring Valley redo at the corner of Westview and Bingle, a reader reports. Since the hurricane, Po has relocated to the back yard. But he’s still visible from the street!

Maybe he’ll attract buyers! Some pix of the interior Po cleared out with his mad Kung Fu skillz:


10/20/08 2:13pm

Halloween Tombstones in Glenbrook Valley

Glenbrook Valley’s not-so-neighborly Battle of the Flags moves on to a new set of weapons: Halloween tombstones! In advance of the holiday, neighbors put up this frightening display, apparently for the benefit of longtime Confederate-flag-fan T.C. Burton, who lives across the street: Individual tombstones for Bigotry, Racism, Discrimination, Cruelty, Intolerance, Prejudice, Hate, Violence, and a few other demons.

“Sparks should start flying soon,” commented one chronicler of the display in an email to friends.

And sure enough, Burton has unleashed a marked grave of his own: