GMC Thinks Downtown Houston Would Look a Lot Nicer with a Huge Lake Next to It

This year’s Terrain Denali, shown here in Iridium Metallic, seems to have been redesigned with a towing capacity that borders on the seismic: Apparently, it can bring the lake in along with the speed boat and dock right into the middle of the city! A vehicle that can manipulate geography according to your desires? What will they think of next? And it’s just $34,925!

Image: GMC

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  • That’s not a lake. It’s just White Oak Bayou after a little rain.

  • Artists rendition of Houston after 50 years of global warming and the sea level rise they predict to come with it.

  • It’s archive footage from the banks of I-10 the day after Allison.

  • that’s not a lake. It’s tropical storm Allison.

  • “TS Allison Edition”

  • Wow. As long as I’ve lived in Woodland Heights, one would think I would have known about the boat ramp.

  • I’m a GMC dealer and I noticed that when the brochures arrived. Funny thing was, no one else could figure out what was “wrong” with the picture!

  • I’m going to be honest, as much as I love the place, I’d prefer First Ward Lake to the First Ward.

  • Use the dirt from digging the hole to make a mountain and Houston will finally have some interesting terrain. Now, what should the mountain be named?

  • Let’s build a lake!

  • funny to see how they changed the photos digitally. They took several shots outside of the back entrance at the Glassell Junior School (5100 Montrose). Photos two and nine respectively. In photo two the Bartlett/Bayard intersection is just behind and LO and BEHOLD! Someone removed the parking garage and pharmacy opting for a downtown vista instead. Pretty funny since I think that parking garage is an eyesore too.

  • yeah seriously. eff all this light rail business and build us a goddam lake already.

  • You mean that isn’t Clear Lake?

  • Looks a lot like what the Allen brothers were selling to those poor German settlers…

  • Maybe the Kemah Boardwalk and Downtown Houston can switch places.

  • They used the bailout money to move Clear Lake Downtown.

  • >>..Let’s build a lake!

    With ground floor retail!!

  • If Houston keeps getting Hurricane’s like Ike, it will be on The Gulf. Maybe the image was a look to the future. Maybe the GMC whatever is clairvoyant.

  • Sort of reminds me of the view you get from the south side of Town Lake (the Colorado River) with the city of Austin skyline.

  • Are you nuts! Downtown Houston looks nothing like Downtown Austin. Houston has huge buildings designed by world famous architects while Austin has horrible condo’s designed by hacks nobody has ever heard of. The Austin skyline is awful! The two best builds are the Capitol and the UT Tower, which are now blocked by hideous condo towers of dubious origin. Austin has one of the worst skylines in the nation! The Austonian looks totally top heavy, the top is out of kilter with the rest of the building and it’s the best one! ugh!..seriously?

  • @ Shannon – Non exhaustive list of worse skylines than Austin:

    San Antonio
    Virginia Beach
    Fort Worth
    El Paso
    New Orleans
    Oklahoma City

  • New Orleans and San Antonio have better skylines. New Orleans has taller buildings than Austin and they’re positioned better on the skyline. San Antonio has some great old skyscrapers and the Tower is an icon..get real..the rest, ill spot you.