Going Up in Midtown: The Calais’s New Neighbor

Construction at Intersection of Elgin and Louisiana, Midtown

A reader who frequents Midtown sends photos showing the progress of the new building at 3201 Louisiana, along with comments.

Took this from near the corner of Elgin and Milam. Steel’s all up, and then some. 24 Hour Fitness is supposed to be moving into the top floor. The parking garage [in the foreground] was already there but was shuttered for a long time, has been painted and dressed up. Will be great to have an actual new three-story building with retail in midtown, instead of the usual strip centers and drug stores.

After the jump, plans and fancy renderings of the finished building, plus: our correspondent gets snarky!


3201 Louisiana St. Site Plan

3201 Louisiana St. Plan

3201 Louisiana St. at Elgin

3201 Louisiana St. Rendering

3201 Louisiana St. in Midtown at Night

Meanwhile our Midtown reader includes the following photo along with remarks on the Louisiana St. ground floor of the Calais apartments:

Parking Garage at the Calais, Midtown

. . . with all the great streetlife the new retail is likely to bring to the block, I bet the people at the Calais [apartment complex across the street] are thrilled about what this means for their own half-up, half-down parking garage. All they need to do now is get rid of the burglar bars behind the dangling fake-arcade front, and they’ll be able to lease out two levels of flea-market stalls to sell stuff to all the people who’ll be walking by.

Renderings: Gensler