Goldman Sachs Following Bargain Sale of Bill Kallop’s Yacht by Marking Down His River Oaks House, Too

GOLDMAN SACHS FOLLOWING BARGAIN SALE OF BILL KALLOP’S YACHT BY MARKING DOWN HIS RIVER OAKS HOUSE, TOO Having already cashed out on the retired offshore oil and gas billionaire’s 217-ft. yacht Natalia Natita after he defaulted on a loan that it backed, Goldman Sachs is now attempting to sell Bill Kallop’s 5-bedroom mansion at 1708 River Oaks Blvd. Some of the highlights inside: a glass-domed living room and colonnaded natatorium with a sky ceiling mural above it. The property was previously listed for sale earlier this year at $15.9M but shortly after, Kallop filed for Chapter 11 (through his punnily-named business entity R.O. Mance 1708 LLC) and the home fell into foreclosure. The new asking price is a bargain: $9.75M. But it’s still nowhere near the markdown the bank took on the boat last year, which it sold to a Maltese buyer for $27.5M after originally asking $60M, according to the Wall Street Journal’s Liz Hoffman. At that time, Kallop’s other properties totaled “at least eight residences, including a Peruvian mansion, two homes in the Dominican Republic and a working cattle ranch in Texas,” reported Hoffman. [Wall Street Journal; walkthrough] Photo: HAR

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  • His former boat was named Natita, not Natalia.

  • Probably gold ole Bill invested in the wrong businesses and didn’t diversify out of the energy sector. And LOST it all !! Now he’s fugitve !! The house is gaudy. Allegedly lots of $$$ but NO taste…

  • Very difficult thing, to fall out of wealth; those that have never had to do it, could never understand the struggle. Always protect a portion of your wealth from debtors, AND most importantly, the government.