Heights Welcome Wagon

HEIGHTS WELCOME WAGON Taryn Peine scopes out the new kids on the block: “We have two new neighbors. Not one, but TWO. As I fight my way through my terrible case of new person anxiety (What if they just start showing up all the time? What if they ask us to do things for them? What if they’re the borrowing type, and we never see our step stool, our weedeater or a full carton of eggs again?) in order to make my way over to introduce myself, I’ve been super-secretly scouting them out. Memorizing their routines. Doing an inventory of the stuff in their garages. Making note of the fact that they already had window coverings on the very day they moved in, instead of waiting two years like we did. You know. Just making sure they understand there is a creepy neighbor on our street, and that creepy neighbor is me. . . .” [A Peine for Your Thoughts]

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  • HAHA!

    That’s funny.

  • I do the same thing to my neighbors. It freaks my wife out.

  • You should involve yourself in whatever homeowners association presides over your neighborhood. That is where you can mingle with fellow creepy neighbors and complain about non-creepy neighbors who have better things to do with their time and talents.

  • Come to the Heights, where there is a diminishing number of creeps. Most new folks here have nothing in their garages because they hire other to do everything- no need for tools. The drive up the alley and straight into their garages and they are usually at their other home on weekends, so you never see them. You sometimes see their grim-eyed babysitters pushing their children in strollers, but nothing creepy about the new people, unless you think invisibility is creepy…

  • HA! I love Taryn – she’s awesome :o)

    @finness – believe it or not, some of us Heights folks are a lot more “average Joe” than the picture you painted in your comment. We actually – gasp – mow our own lawns and park in the driveway!

  • Sarah – I know. I park in my gravel and oyster shell driveway here as well. I said diminishing, not gone. And if the builders have their way, there will be fewer and fewer lawns anywho.