Hey, Hey, Stay Outta Our Chick-fil-A

HEY, HEY, STAY OUTTA OUR CHICK-FIL-A A brief excerpt from that satirical article in the Cinco Ranch High School newspaper that sparked protests from students of neighboring schools at the LaCenterra Shopping Center last Friday: “You can’t help but be a little bit angry when you’re stuck in the Whataburger drive-thru behind an unimaginably large caravan of Katy cars, each sporting at least 12 stickers reminding you of their accomplishments. If they’re so great why can’t they go to their own Whataburger? There’s this feeling in our little corner of the world that just says: This is Cinco. Some believe there is a sense of ownership to the neighboring businesses and restaurants… Cinco’s Mission Burrito. Cinco’s Target. Cinco’s Taco Bell, Whataburger, Sonic. Seeing anything but maroon clad students and parents roaming the aisles seems odd to some. Don’t they have their own places to go? ” [Fort Bend Now]

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  • This is why people mock 281ers.

  • I dont see what all the fuss is about. Its a well written and funny story to me. Not like I need yet another one, but thanks for the reminder as to why I choose not to live anywhere near there.
    A particular expression from Ferris Bueller comes to mind: it involves the process of turning coal into diamond.

  • On one hand, it is ironic that these kids consider one bunch of chain restaurants superior to an identical bunch in another location. But it is also a demonstration of how even in an environment of repetitive conformity, persons especially sensitive to barely visible (and possibly pheromonic) indicators of superiority will seek such places out. It suggests that even if we lived in a Stalinist city of identical concrete apartment blocks, where everyone wore identical Mao suits, there’d still be a cool part of town.