Highland Village Apple Store Reboot

HIGHLAND VILLAGE APPLE STORE REBOOT Did you know the shiny new Apple Store with the glass roof and front and back walls in Highland Village was scheduled to open very soon? Well, not any more, says Nancy Sarnoff. A source tells her the opening of the first Houston-area non-mall store has been pushed back until March. [Prime Property; previously on Swamplot] Drawing: Jeffrey Djayasaputra

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  • looks like the hall of justice from the old super-friends cartoon.

  • With a glass roof and the Texas sun, I’m assuming the walls are jam-packed full of air conditioners.

  • Apple bought plans from an architectural firm for an iPhone store, but had to stop construction and redo everything when the architects came out with the iPhone store 2. Fortunately, they had the orignal plans long enough that they only had to pay $299 for the upgrade.

  • March? I guess I’ll have to pack a few extra sandwiches for when I go camp in line.

  • Old School for the WIN!!!

    Too bad the upgraded blueprints don’t have all the features that the Apple folks thought they would have… just a few added areas with the promise that next year’s design is really going to blow people away.

  • While the iPhone store may not have a lot of unnecessary features, it can be relied upon to open on time and quickly, it always has what you need without weighing you down with extra options that cost more and slow down the staff operating speed. It’s also worth noting that the iPhone store has enough power to keep the air conditioners running all day.

    Meanwhile, any plans for a droidstore seem to have crashed before it has even opened (not surprisingly).

  • Apple had to stop construction temporarily to sue The Gap for using blonde hardwood floors in their store for the past ten years. They have a patent on the use of blonde hardwoods in a retail space.

  • Someone will get tired of waiting for their appointment to enter the store and chuck a rock through the wall. The temptation will just be too much.

  • With all that glass they will need an A/C unit that is the size of the Astrodome. Hey, what a great reuse project!! Apple could claim that Elvis was cooled with their A/C. But a lot of bulls were cooled too…..

  • Serious A/C otherwise this thing will just be a high end greenhouse.

  • That’s an awkward location for an Apple store.

  • Will apples even grow in a greenhouse? I hope they grow Braeburns.