H&M Coming to Houston — Someday, Somewhere

H&M COMING TO HOUSTON — SOMEDAY, SOMEWHERE Taking the place of the Borders bookstore space in the Galleria? No one is saying. But the Swedish clothing retailer’s first Dallas store is opening today (at NorthPark Center) and a company PR manager tells Heather Staible that H&M has plans to get down to Houston, too: “The details of where and when are still hush-hush, though.” [Culturemap] Photo: Trill Will

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  • they probably going to the galleria in the old borders just a guess

  • Woohoo! I am no fashion aficionado but I am excited about this! H&M is probably the only store that I’ve been to where the clothes fit me well. Not all of us down in Houston are slightly overweight so it’ll be nice to have a store in driving distance that actually caters to those of use with a slightly more European build.

  • Chris,

    If you’re not part of the “slightly overweight” crowd, then you must be in the “just plain fat” demograhic. Like Mama Celeste.

  • Heads up, the clothes fit so well because they lie about the sizing like many brands do.

    A 32 waist in mens pants is really a 34. A size 12 dress is really a 14 or 15.

    Many other brands do this too.

    Beware of Vanity Sizing.

  • AMEN on the European build. I always hit up both H&M’s when I travel to Chicago. When I read this early on Culturemap, my first thought was the old Borders in the Galleria as well…

  • Chris put it best. I don’t go to the Galleria much, but I will gladly make the trip for H&M

  • I know lots of friends that love H&M, but their pretty much the Walmart of clothiers in Europe. The quality is so-so and it’s all made in China, but I guess since it’s European it’s OK.

    At least the Galleria could fill the hole Borders left.

  • What exactly is a European build? Are we talking Twiggy or my Hungarian great-grandmother?

  • I bet they pick a strip shopping center in the parking lot of a not yet opened big box store on Heights….

  • “European build”… that sounds a lot more elegant than “shopping in the boys department”

  • Mel, I wondered the exact same thing, because I would like to start calling my big German rear-end “European.”

    And I do have a question for those in the know: Is H&M clothing sized like Forever 21?

  • Mel,

    European build = not fat American

    I had many of gay friend called them heroin chic. The clothes are so cheap that you maintain a heroin addiction and then be able to where the thin clothes.

    I’m see a war on Facebook with friends from Dallas going back and forth over H&M.

    Again, it’s the gay Walmart of clothes.

  • German’s typically aren’t fat, nor have large posteriors. That’s american filtered through German genetics. I’m 6″1 and 170 pounds, that’s what they mean by a European build..

  • Heights Weirdo,

    I think Forever 21 is the best way to explain H&M. They are pretty much the same.

  • Yay. I can buy a smedium in a store that is so 2006. H&M is so 2006.

  • i’ve always found H&M to have better knockoffs of the designer trends whereas F21 is just cheap mass trend clothing.

    anyhow, so tired of crappy american clothing and the obese fits. zara is the only place i’ll shop at in this town.

  • I have to admit that I had an awakening when I went to Zara and saw real sizes for once.

    Then my sister who works for a mass production design house (they design and produce clothes for all designer brands versus the designer doing themselves) and said vanity sizing in the US is quite common and it something they ask the designer how much do they want to upsize.

    Outside of going to a tailor or a dressmaker, most people don’t know their REAL size.

  • Lol. By no means am I heroin thin. But when I buy a medium dress shirt at other stores there is way too much room around the waist to address the spatial needs of the average American. Then I have to go and pay the extra to get it tailored and altered to fit nice. I appreciate that at H&M I can go buy a bigger size large (yes…I’m European “fat”) and the waist size of the shirts fit nicely without alteration. If I am going buy overpriced clothes anyway I’d rather I don’t have then go pay extra to get them tailored.

  • These comments certainly took an unexpected, and ugly, turn.

  • I’ve seen H&M around the world. Meh.

  • OK, for all y’all arguing over whether whatever arbitrary (inches, metric, sizing) number works….
    One of the reasons I tend to go to actual brick and mortar stores to buy clothing is that they have these little booths called “fitting rooms” where you can actually put on the proposed item and see just how it drapes over your undoubtedly lovely (origin of your choice) pecs/posterior/whatever. Since I haven’t seen anything other than old school Levi’s that actually posts the claimed size on the outside for others to gaze at on the escalator, I really don’t get the issue here.
    That is all.

  • People, no one cares about your little size debate … because haven’t you heard … AN H&M MAY BE OPENING IN HOUSTON!!! This little story has brought a tear to my eye. I have missed the retailer so much since I moved here and I am so happy that I can soon feel whole again. Sigh.

  • Who cares about sizes, when their clothes are cheap crap? I would rather not shop at that sweatshop.

  • H & M should be a fine replacement for Borders in the Galleria.

    Read more about Borders’ vacancy and H & M coming to Texas here:



  • Sounds like the Ikea of clothing. Do I get to assemble the clothes before watching them fall apart?

  • Walmart of Europe? Not by a long shot, this is the “Walmart of Europe”, http://www.primark.eu/. It makes TJ Max look like Niemans.

  • Look, if the “Walmart of Europe/Scandinavia” wants to sell me some clothes at Target prices, that’s fine. And I’ll probably buy some, so nyaa. Maybe the Galleria will also put in a purist coffee shop across the way so that snobs and hipsters can scoff as I make purchases.