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  • I actually love this for some reason. it’s like taking every bad design cliche and pushing it to the maximum. however, like any old pop song the fun of it all will get old very quickly can you imagine looking at this in 20yrs time?
    embrace efficiency folks, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with brutal minimalist boxes. if you can afford a house the size of a small office building, then why shouldn’t it look like one? i don’t need to be patronized.

  • I don’t…that’s just…I can’t…JESUS WHAT THE FUCK DID YOU DO TO THAT HOUSE

  • That design makes me want to vomit!

  • Interesting. Not a bad house….great location. Unfortunate they built its twin right next to it, not digging that.
    Might as well as been done by Oriental Trading Company.

  • I’ve seen this house go up. It’s along the shortcut exit out of the frontage by Newcastle. Lots of traffic in the morning goes by this little side street. The house itself isn’t very exciting.

  • Enjoyed the comments (haha Oriental Trading).

    This house looks like a mash-up of train-set houses – vaguely Bavarian

  • The incompetence of the exterior design makes me question the unseen things like materials and workmanship overall. Whoever developed this does not appear to give a f*ck.

  • “The epitome of style. This gorgeous estate mixes the finest elements of Mediterranean living, modern features and a taste of tract housing defined by exquisite inner loop living. Built exclusively by award winning builders with a breathtaking set of deluxe hand crafted features, your luxurious new lifestyle awaits a meandering journey of architectural nuances. To schedule a tour call Jeneane Lafontaine”

  • Oh. It’s just horse manure. Horse manure’s not that bad…….When you consider the other choices, ‘manure’ is actually pretty refreshing….George Costanza.
    1) The porch doors don’t line up between each level; 2) The windows on the front facade are 4 over 4, wait except one is inexplicably 6 over 6; 3) The under scaled 6×6 stuccoed columns on porches; 4) The floating “rock” veneer; and 5) Let’s throw on some quoins to round it out. And that’s just the front side.

  • I’m not saying I like it, but it’s way more interesting than your average spec home. Give a little credit here.

  • Back in the 70s Manufacturers Hanover used to have an “AnyCar” loan advertisement campaign that used actual cars they had made that combined parts from many cars – – to show they would make a loan for “any car”. They were goofy looking, and were favorites at NY area parades (still show-up periodically). This home, along with many others these days that combine too many styles/materials, remind me of those cars….

  • I see in the har.com photos yet another Jacuzzi tub install. Can someone please tell me Houston’s obsession with built in Jacuzzi tubs? Not only are they a safety hazzard to get into and out of they are simply nasty as many people don’t know how to or just don’t maintain them properly. They are nothing but human sized pots for soaking in a soup of your own skin and grime.

  • Hell of an addition.

  • One-upping the humperlow.

  • @Limestone: “1) The porch doors don’t line up between each level”

    That alone would make me itch every time I pulled up in the driveway.

  • Bizarro World. Incarnate Word tears down a gorgeous 110-year old downtown structure ’cause it’s going to cost $300K to fix – meanwhile, out on Ingresoll Dr., $925K buys you this stucco’d diamond plate….

  • a) It looks like a humpalow, but it’s not a humpalow. It’s brand new construction from scratch. Someone INTENTIONALLY designed it to look like that!!!
    b) Holy crap, ED is right, its twin is a half block away and they want $1.3M to live behind, and next door to, a strip center!

  • I don’t understand all the negative comments. It looks nice to me. They broke up a flat facade with the image of a smaller house. So you get to live in a big house with lots of room that’s decorated to look more cozy. Seems inventive.

  • This is god-awful hideous. I’d describe the “style” as horrific … and the layout is not much better.
    “Luxurious” does not begin to describe this mess. It was obviously built on the cheap .. why so few and tiny windows – they look lost in proportion to all the stucco. The whole thing looks like an afterthought.

  • *pear clutch** Omg, it’s so disgusting!!!! Typical low end builder grade.