An Extremely Temporary Restaurant Going Up Now on Lower Westheimer Will Be Open for One Night Only

Tent at 1643 Westheimer Rd. at Kuester, Lower Westheimer, Montrose, Houston

A reader from Mandell Place says “everyone in the neighborhood is pretty curious” about the construction going on at the corner of Kuester St. on Lower Westheimer. The formerly vacant lot at 1634 Westheimer is where last summer Paul Petronella, David Keck, and Grant Gordon had announced they had plans to build a new restaurant from scratch, called the Edmont. But the new structure going up on the site “definitely looks temporary, but very robust for a temporary structure,” writes our tipster. “Beams (maybe 2x8s) run underneath with plywood on top, all leveled out to create a platform/floor. Half of this platform is covered by the tent, which is a party tent on steroids.


Is this new thing the Edmont? Sort of. But it’ll last long enough for just 1 dinner: the first charity event for the Grant Gordon Foundation, scheduled for March 28th. Gordon took his own life just a week after last year’s announcement; he had been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis earlier that year. The pop-up restaurant is meant to bring a temporary version of Gordon’s vision for the Edmont to life, as a fundraiser.

The first corporate-sponsored Sunday Streets event is scheduled for the next morning, along the stretch of Westheimer between Taft and Dunlavy streets.

Photo: Jake Mase

Vacant Lot Pop-Up

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