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  • This house is a hot mess. The odd geometry created by the ceiling wallpaper treatments, and the poly-wood-al look sure make it busy. The electrical service drop wire in the backyard is way too low and will fail inspection. The realtor could win a fiction writer’s award, that’s some creative gloss.

  • The place looks nice enough for me. Low drop wire? Big deal, it can be moved. Don’t like paint or wallpaper, it can be changed. The only thing that matters is structural integrity, which can’t be determined in pictures. And location, which is in the eye of the beholder.

  • That is a great house on a deep lot in a good location. I agree the wallpaper on the ceiling is weird and I’d take it down, and I’d have picked a different color scheme for the exterior, but my God, it’s only paint. I’d be more concerned about noise from I-10, but I think the price is more than reasonable.

  • For the $499k price, this is probably going to be a tear-down.

  • I’m washing as you sleep