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  • This home is just around the corner from me. Looks like they recently finished an estate sale. Love the trash can desk/cadenza in the den.

  • That would be a trash can/desk “candenza” in the Living Room.

  • According to Webster (remember him?): cadenza, n: a virtuoso solo passage inserted into a movement in a concerto or other work, typically near the end. The object in question is a ‘cradenza’.

  • Sorry, fellow pedants:


    a sideboard or cupboard.

  • Simply hilarious that they used two upside-down trash cans and a piece of plywood to make a desk for that living room! And, the singular trash-can/tabletop in the foyer. I don’t think I’ve seen such glamorous staging in a real-estate listing in ages! (sarcasm) And, it just all makes me want to drop $1,200,000 on this house/lot.
    Seriously, I don’t know if I’d drop $1,200,000 for the possible two-lot value in that part of Spring Branch. A bit of a rough neighborhood five minutes away – but, hey, if you’ve got the cash, go for it.

  • what is the webster definition of “cradenza”?

  • I looked up ‘cadenza’ and was really confused by the definition that turned up. Google image search also just turned up a bunch of pictures of a Kia sedan to further add to my confusion. Thanks for clearing it up.

  • Actually a “credenza”