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  • This photo is not even in the top 5 most horrifying pics in this listing. Either a hoarder or a squatter situation going on here.

  • I’m fairly certain that is the first real-estate listing I’ve seen with a photo caption containing the words “feces galore”.

  • That agent, though! ROCK ON, DUUUUDE!

  • Reminds me of the last time I went on a meth bender and decided to breed stray dogs while playing the electric piano and bongo drums – Never again……

  • Feces galore, indeed. The realtor is “refreshingly” honest about the state of the property.

  • Wow. You can’t say there hasn’t been full disclosure. Unless the attic is full of poop, too.

  • Oh My Gosh!

    Not one, but two photos that are close ups of feces on the floor.

  • “Hurry won’t last long!”” ROTFLMAO!!! Um, I think the stench will last long after!!!

  • Feces Galore is an outstanding name for a rock band.
    Seriously, though, what happened to this place? Foreclosure and they trashed the place?

  • The rock n roll realtor goes a bit over the line between providing disclosure of the condition of the house and being voyeuristic about what looks to be a mental health issue with the prior resident. I had a friend who bought a house from the estate of a man who lost it after his wife died. He stopped taking out the trash, piled newspapers up to the ceiling and filled a room with Wendy’s bags, which was his dinner every week. Neighbors only saw weeds pile up in the back yard and had no idea what it was like inside. The guy would chat with them and was able to drive and get around well enough for his age. Unfortunately, his family never visited and no one knew what was happening inside the house. Very sad and scary how fast people can go from functioning normally to breaking down and not caring for themselves. Of course the house was a money pit. Every time they took a room down to the studs they found new horrors. This house is probably a tear down with all the dog pee corroding the wood framing.

  • All snark aside, it’s hard to believe this is the same house as shown in the YouTube video, made only three years ago. Home aside, it’s nice property what with the trees and such, and a bargain for the neighborhood.

  • And yet, its Pending. There is a house for everyone!