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  • I hope that’s an ‘income generating’ efficiency apt and not just the bedroom of someone who REALLY likes breakfast in bed.

  • I want to go to there.

  • The room featured is the pool house. The title is super clever. Nice one.

    I love this house. I have always admired it, and always wondered what it looked like inside. Now I know.

  • $400/s.f. seems high, but it’s on a big lot on one of the nicest streets in the Heights.
    That said, the 2nd floor kind of looks like a goiter.

  • The place is assessed at around $500K, but is trying to be sold for just under $1M? What am I missing here?

  • It’s the ‘guest cabana.’ It’s all one room, but simply swapping the dining table that’s in the window space with the bed that’s in the kitchen space would have made more sense.

  • Yeah, it’s a double lot right across the street from where Kathy Whitmire used to live. The owners have done a great job renovating and the new garage apt building is very nice.

  • It sits on two and a half lots. In addition to the amazing bungalow, you get a pool, a pool house, garage and a huge yard (by heights standards). I would take this beauty in a heartbeat over the lot line to lot line 4400 sq ft new construction built on a lot half the size, which is what that kind of money would normally get you in the Heights.

  • I bet the wine cooler loves watching TV all day, since there is no other spot in that room where a normal human being could comfortably watch TV.

    Not to mention having your bed sheets stink of reheated pizza.

  • I would wager that the dirt value alone on this land is every bit of $600k. Bayland is one of the most desirable streets in all of the Heights – $1mm is definitely not crazy.

  • already option pending. Beautiful part of Bayland on the “non-bus” portion.

  • How does the bed not catch on fire when the oven is opened? Fire retardent sheets?