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  • That utility room is to die for.

  • One room too many.

  • That is a stunning home, good luck with the sale.

  • The foyer is reserved only for great guests. All others must use the rear entrance.

  • P.S. Nice house, but the new owners will still tear it down.

  • I’d love to buy this house! It’s beautiful!

  • The HAR listing says: “in Avalon Place of River Oaks”. Talk about realtors stretching the terminology, and the legal boundaries of subdivisions.Most of Avalon Place is EAST of Kirby/North of Westheimer (behind Taco Milagro) ,except for one small section that is WEST of Kirby & North of Westheimer (behind Chuy’s restaurant). And yes Virginia,the two subdivisions bump up next to each other in the section WEST of Kirby. You know that some RiverOaksies are miffed about that and look down their snobby noses. Regardless Avalon Place is a lovely subdivision ,especially the old growth trees.

  • This home is in Avalon Place, East.

  • It’s a nice creative work. Quite small but reasonable and economical and well managed.