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  • That’s an, um, interesting location for a 10,000 sq ft, $2.3 million house. Good luck to that realtor.

  • I’m shocked that the realtor actually listed the schools the occupant would be zoned to rather than just putting HISD. That house is for a very special buyer.

  • The wine cellar looks like a dungeon: It has racks.

  • Wow, the current owners name is SALAZAR BALTAZAR, wow, say that fast 3 times…..

  • it looks like people are still living there, but no furniture in most of those HUGE Rooms. No lived in look here. More money than cents :{

  • @ heyzeus:

    I drive by that house pretty regularly. If you want to imagine just how incongruous it is in that location, just imagine Mother Theresa at the Men’s Club. Dead or alive.

    It makes about that much sense.

  • Why on earth would somebody spend the money to build a house like that in that crappy neighborhood? With that kind of money they could afford to build it almost anyplace. Why choose the junkyard?

  • The unfinished swimming pool suggests they ran out of $. Has there been a major drug bust in Houston recently?

  • Excuse me, what are “large butt windows”? I could be snarky, but I’ll leave it to you guys to inform me.

  • @shady I think its the kind with junk in the trunk but not absolutely for sure. :-(

  • Large butt windows is a cleaner way of saying big ass windows.

  • HCAD shows it is owned by attorney Baltazar Salazar. Butt glass is frameless glass (sections butt together).

  • Isn’t Jed Clampett dead???

  • So the owner’s not a cartel member just an attorney for one. Nice to see a lawyer actually fight the Feds for a change.


  • All the house that drug profits can buy. Kidding, don’t sue me.

  • Dana-X, that would explain the location of this behemoth. Obscure, out-of-the mainstream and suitable for guests that may not want to be in the limelight???

  • Thanks for the answers about the glass. And thanks for the research Dana-X

  • Of all the giant new mansions on Swamplot over the past few years this one is most appealing. The floors are beautiful and they didn’t completely over texture every surface (except maybe that master bath). Might almost be tempted to take up crafting in that one room…

  • Way too big.. You would need a dozen kids to make it not feel so cold. It doesn’t look like they have any? It is really pretty though.

  • You’d also need a skateboard or roller skates to get around.

    I guess though, if one could afford that place, they’d also be able to afford to put a pair of glasses in EVERY room.

  • For what it’s worth, the current owner of that house is the lawyer who represented Eudoxio Ramos Garcia, the alleged drug cartel operative. He tried to get his client off by having evidence thrown out because, he argued, the police illegally entered his client’s house. His statement to the Chronicle was that he wanted to “teach the police a lesson.”
    As far as the house – it is drastically overpriced for the neighborhood. The neighborhood has acre-lots, but the other houses are between 2,000 and 4,000 square feet, and usually sell in the $300s to $500s – nothing remotely close to 10,000 sf and $2.3 million. I just hope that doesn’t mean it winds up never selling and somehow gets used for out-of-control rave parties.