04/19/13 1:18pm

Smile and step carefully. No fewer than 16 security cameras are installed in this battened-down Braeburn Acres property, a 2007 custom design by Cameron Architects. It’s a big, big stucco-over-concrete-block house — more than 10,000 sq. ft. — with 50 stone columns supporting a double-decker carousel of arches and tile-topped rotundas. The cleared 1.2-acre lot includes a pool-in-progress and very little landscaping (other than lawn). Maybe that explains why a cartoony rendering (at top) is employed as the listing’s featured photo.


05/03/12 9:35am

Never lived in. Never finished, actually, since its start in 2004 by the owner’s son, a builder. An update posted last week to the property listing says “an unfortunate automobile accident prevented completion.”

As is, the stucco structure on 1.2 acres in Braeburn Acres has 2 silo-shaped wings. One contains a room 50 ft. in diameter intended to hold the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Above the center of that combo space is a skylight within a dome that rises 18 ft.


01/18/11 5:34pm

COMMENT OF THE DAY: TAKE IT FROM SOMEONE WHO’S BEEN THERE “That’s too bad; this home was quite the beautiful antique. Just the other day I broke into the backyard shed and spent the night in there, along with a pile of scrap metal… It smelled very old.” [Cornelius Rostiger, commenting on Daily Demolition Report: Whacking Wateka]