Dream House Stalled in Braeburn Acres

Never lived in. Never finished, actually, since its start in 2004 by the owner’s son, a builder. An update posted last week to the property listing says “an unfortunate automobile accident prevented completion.”

As is, the stucco structure on 1.2 acres in Braeburn Acres has 2 silo-shaped wings. One contains a room 50 ft. in diameter intended to hold the living, dining, and kitchen areas. Above the center of that combo space is a skylight within a dome that rises 18 ft.


The 4,355-sq.-ft. shell has 3 bedrooms and 3 baths in various stages of non-completedness. The 2-story wing has a curving staircase leading to space planned as a game room — and a a secret room.

This curved space was designated the dining area:

In what was to be the master bedroom, this was a reading nook:

And this was to be the master bath:

Re-listed in mid-April with its third agency since first coming on the market in August 2011, the unfinished home has an asking price that has not wavered: $399,000. The listing promises a contractor’s estimate for completing the home that was due this past Monday.

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  • One assumes the land value is $399,000. As for a contractor’s bid, well, the bid should be for demolition. So, $399,000 less the bid for demolition.

  • I love it–it looks beautiful and has a personal stamp on the design. But that’s the problem. Who wants to finish someone else’s uncompleted vision?

    Also, curved walls look cool but present practical problems. If you are a booklover (like me), your bookshelves won’t rest flush with the wall. I suppose you can have shelves custom made, but that’s expensive. And if you are an art-lover (like me), you’ll have a hell of a time displaying any drawings, paintings or photographs.

    That said, Houston needs more eccentric homes, so I hope this one gets bought by someone with the wherewithal to complete it.

  • It has NOT sold at $399,000 and will continue to sit on the market @ $399,000.The owner NEEDS to significantly DROP the price at least $50-75,000 for any SERIOUS buyer to make an offer.Otherwise, the owner is wasting EVERYONE’S time !

  • Oh wish I hand the money I could do some nice things to that place.

  • Very sad. :-(

  • Don’t know if these photos are current, but what amazes me is that the place has not been vandalized.

    I too would like to see this one finished. Looks pretty neat.

  • “Otherwise, the owner is wasting EVERYONE’S time !”

    Well, not mine. And, I suspect most people in Houston (much less the world) aren’t wasting too much time on this, regardless of the price…

  • What crazy person would want to finish out an incomplete build that’s been sitting open to the elements for eight years? I’m with Matt Mystery. It’s a demo.

  • Sometimes one-of-a-kind oddity houses show some interesting innovations or architectural surprises. This one seems to lack a defined style or inspired vision. I suppose it could be an odd barn for storage, but not much else.

  • Gee Matt, if due only to its repetitive curves this house surely does NOT “lack a defined style or inspired vision.”

  • I was going to make a snarky comment about the location, but changed my mind after the pics. Unfinished or not I’m pretty impressed at the massive amount of work this guy put into his “dream home”
    But like someone else noted, if it was listed for a long time at $400k with no buyers, then thats the market telling you something. Either sit on it and watch the value fall and tax bills rise, or price it more inline with what the market is willing to pay and get that thing sold.
    I wish them luck.

  • Dream home? I’d say it looks more like a nightmare.