Behind the Shattered Glass at the Highland Village Apple Store

How well does a store built of structural glass hold up under gunfire? Probably better than your typical plate-glass storefront — though the repair costs are likely to be higher. A reader sends Swamplot this photo showing the smaller of 2 glass panels damaged by bullets earlier this week at the brand-new Apple Store in Houston’s Highland Village Shopping Center. Between the hours of 4:40 and 5:40 Monday morning someone in a vehicle speeding down Westheimer shot at 5 businesses, including 2 gas stations and the Cantoni furniture showroom past Gessner. No one was injured. Apple Store customers were routed to the building’s rear entrance after it opened for business, according to Click2Houston reporter Courtney Zavala.

Views of the damage from the outside, from Monday’s TV report:


This photo shows the damaged floor-to-ceiling panel on the building’s southeast corner:

Photos: Swamplot inbox (top); Click2Houston (all others)

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  • Wonder how much that is going to cost to replace… but I’m sure Apple has good insurance. But unfortunately this random act of foolishness costs everyone money!

  • Only at 5 am could ANYONE drive from Westchase to Highland Village in under an hour, via Westheimer.

  • heard it through the grapevine today that it’s going to cost $100k+ to repair…
    also, restoration hardware had a little episode yesterday with their fire sprinklers going off. what a mess!

  • Cracked glass? Reminds me of the iPhone.

  • living in a glass house cost full price to repair and replace just like the iphone

  • Huh? Do different materials come at a discount versus glass?

  • Any Microsoft conspiracy theorists out there?

  • Superdave: Not Microsoft, But maybe a rogue Android.

  • Having handled the corporate insurance placements for companies that are much smaller than Apple, I can assure you that Apple’s property insurance deductible is probably much much higher than the cost to replace this glass, so it’s all out of Apple’s pocket. That being said, it’s probably just a couple seconds of iPad sales…