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  • Whoever is to diner can’t afford a real Benz’ yet.

  • I think I’ve been in this house. Is this the Francois de Menil one that wasn’t supposed to be perfect or something? Nice to be able to inspect your tires from the dinner table.

  • If I did not know this was a private home, from the street I would have thought it was an art gallery. I did enjoy the house, but ye Gods! The green exterior lights! Not a color choice I would make, but then again, not a huge fan of green.

  • Nice view.

  • smudgy iPhone photos for a $1.25m listing? I hope these are just a placeholder till the professional photos come in…

  • If you are eating off that table while sitting in those chairs, you’ll eventually end up needing a lumbar fusion at L3-L4 due to the poor ergonomic conditions resulting from bending forward and stooping down to reach your food/drink. But hey, you’ll be cool – everyone knows that food is best served at mid-shin level.

  • Not to spoil the fun, but there’s another photo in the listing that appears to show a real dining table. But yeah, that really is an odd coffee table arrangement. Maybe you can play some game there where you stare at each other and see who blinks first.

  • I like it! don’t understand the sunken 70’s living area though, those two steps to/from the kitchen would be killers.

  • They replaced the tatami mats with chairs in the hope of making it look a bit more conventional.

  • …not the dining room, nor a dining table…

  • No playing footsie under this one.

    Looks like they bought two of every chair in the showroom.

  • So, so, so many chairs… And the two brown chairs in the sunken living room look like they’d cut off the walkway to the peek-a-boo driveway bar/sitting area. It’s a cool place, though – and I like the outdoor area in the back. If it were me, I probably would have done something different with that chocolate horse head-looking thing.

  • I used to walk by that house when it was built and wondered how it must look from the inside… Because it was really ugly from the outside. It has a “lovely” view out front of the Rice Univ Maintenance buildings across the busy street… horrible location… And what is up with the horse head on the coffee table? Good luck selling that one…

  • … horrible location…

    Not a phrase I would ever associate with University Boulevard along the Rice campus.

  • I LOVE this place.
    Really people! you’ve fallen into the old judging-a-book-by-its-current-furnishings trap.
    I cannot wait to get MY stuff in there. Horsehead be gone!
    Shoo, overly self-conscious designery items.

  • Haha when I see that low window, all I can think about is a teenage driver putting their bumper through it. My dad was pissed when I damaged our garage door, and a cousin of mine actually parked inside someone’s living room.