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  • Is she nuts with the $4.5mln asking price? Hasn’t she heard that Russian oil tycoons are no longer coming to Houston? Plus it’s on the wrong side of the tracks (Kirby).

  • Ahh man! We blew the budget on the mock-up!

  • They tore down that gorgeous English/Tudor for this? Everyone involved with this should be shot.

  • That is some hill.
    But I get altitude sickness.

  • “Must have appointment to walk the property”
    Huh? Walk what property? It’s a lot. What’s to walk? Just drive by. If you like the area and its a fair price PSF for the dirt, the go for it.

  • Pretty sickening. I am not sure of the condition of the house on it prior, but 4.5 million for under an acre seems high. That Tudor style on it before was pretty sweet looking.

  • I’m confused about the mock-up, wouldn’t that indicate that they were about to start building a new house? Dream home put on hold and real estate liquidated thanks to oil price crash?

  • I go by this every day on my way to/from work. They had a beautiful house there before, and I was so sad to see it gone. It’s been an empty lot now for well over a year, maybe close to 2 years.

    The “little house” went up a couple months ago. I figured it was an example of the finishings intended for house they intended to build there, and that they were just about to start construction. But then nothing happened. I wonder if they decided against building the house?

    Although that is a nice lot, $4.5m for the land seems high.

    The lot two houses north of it has been cleared for far longer. I wonder what the plan is for that lot. Maybe they are also asking too much for it?

  • Previously on Swamplot: http://swamplot.com/daily-demolition-report-half-timber/2012-12-13/

    So in 2012 it listed for $4M, and sold for $3.55M, then they demoed it, and I guess the lot has sat fallow for 2+ years while they realize they can’t really agree on what to build?

    Oh, I see. Owner lives in 2727, bought on Pine Valley, tore it down, found a place on Lazy Lane he liked better, and now wants to unload this property since he doesn’t need it anymore. Money’s not an issue.

  • Somebody’s 100 a barre oil l spec house dreams woke up to a $40 a barrel oil vacant lot reality…

  • I think that portion of Pine Valley becomes Pine Lake in a heavy rain.

  • GoogleMaster, your search fu is strong. The ghosts of Enron haunt us yet.

  • ‘”anon: Somebody’s 100 a barre oil l spec house dreams woke up to a $40 a barrel oil vacant lot reality…”
    Well done :)
    If they really wanted to sell, I’d have tossed a renter in there vs. demo and sell for land. Then put on the market. Maybe someone would want to buy to live in? Maybe someone would want to buy to demo and build their own? Maybe someone would want to buy to live in with the idea of doing a demo later?
    But the 2 years on the market you could have had 1/4 million of rent come in. I realize some people are loaded but how can you just shrug off that kind of dough? And meanwhile, every January, you get to pay a fat property tax bill on land that’s just sitting there. Ouch. I couldn’t do it, even if I were a billionaire. Empty units keep me up at night.