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  • A place for your back door outside your back door. My wife would love for ME to have one of those at our joint.

  • Makes a lot of sense, actually, if you are spending a lot of time working in the yard or playing in the pool. It’d keep you from having to clean up to come in the house. Reminds me of a joke: How can you tell someone is an auto mechanic? He washes his hands BEFORE using the restroom!

  • i looked at this listing this morning. I am disappointed i missed this!

  • This would be handy for kids playing outside. At least for boys that just drop ’em and go…

  • I have always wondered what this house looked like on the inside. There is a cemetary sharing the property on the left side of the house.

    Neat house!

  • Just think of it as a modern art installation.

  • That’s right Lauren H…interactive modern art, in fact.

  • This pic is almost surreal!
    Just needs Magritte’s bowler hat floating inside there.

  • Does that outhouse have plumbing that connects to city sewer or is it old style, with a big pooper cavern underneath? Appears to be a crappy deal, IMO!

  • Help me understand the random fridge in photo 27. I don’t see one in the kitchen (behind the folding doors?) and this one is on different flooring than the kitchen. In the garage off the kitchen? I’m flummoxed.

  • I agree… where is the kitchen fridge? (listing says stainless appliances in the kitchen?), and what is up with the white fridge in the unnamed room with the slate floors?

  • That’s as funny as all get out.

  • You can’t fool me, that’s a TARDIS.

  • Tacky.

  • kilray, I always thought that sound was the engines….