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  • Not sure why that grand piano’s sitting outside on the patio but here’s what the Piano’s Technician Guild says about piano care. “Extreme swings from hot to cold or dry to wet are harmful to your piano. Dryness causes the piano’s pitch to go flat; moisture makes it go sharp. Repeated swings in humidity and extreme dryness can cause soundboards and other wood portions to crack or distort. Moisture may lead to string rust. A piano functions best under fairly consistent conditions which are neither too wet nor dry, optimally at a temperature of 68 degrees F and 42 percent relative humidity.” In other words, to be kept indoors!!!

  • Yes, but the echo is fantastic!

  • Piano parked outside temporarily in order to stage the place, I suspect.

  • Yeah, this. Never take a piano outside. Nothing good can happen from it. I would even be concerned about those wheels being able to negotiate anything except a glassy smooth indoor floor for very short distances. Anyone who would have a fairly new baby grand piano should certainly know that.

  • The atrium is covered with glass on the top floor and the acoustics are magnificent (the room is temperature controlled btw). You can look up at the sky while playing in the evening. And there is a stage lamp above the piano for night performances!