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  • Don’t know what the purpose of the stage is, but building code stipulates you need a hand/guard rail anytime you have more than 2 steps. And of course, you start to get into issues with ceiling height on the raised area. Just saying for the buyer – get ready for fun during the inspection and resulting negotiations.

  • Strange……that house is full of different levels, from the moment you step through the door.

  • Superdave: a cheesy unneeded (except by code) hand rail could be slapped up temp to pass a inspection. And a buyer wouldn’t need a inspector to point out that there is no hand rail (or that the roof on top of the stage is low) as I’m sure the buyer already can see it. The buyer already signaled their fine with it by putting the property under contract and any negative that a lack or rail (or low ceiling height) brought was already a factor in what they were willing to offer.
    If I was the seller I wouldn’t budge on price just because the inspector pointed it out. It’s not like a true flaw was uncovered (like “I found. That the roof is really bad). But rather he’s giving an FYI about a technicality.

  • The listing says that the home is tenant occupied! If so, then where is the tenants stuff? All of the photos show empty rooms.

  • I’d guess the photos were taken from the last time the property was unoccupied. If nothing substantial about the place has changed, why bother to re-shoot?

  • @Bill – they’re probably old pictures. I went to look at a rental yesterday and all the stuff in it was different than the pictures on HAR (which was unfortunate, because it was much cleaner in the pictures…). Happens all the time.

  • I’m surprised nobody commented on the street name. What the heck is a Proswimmer? It’s not a huge factor when I have bought houses in the past, but the thought of having to spell that out over the phone a dozen times a month gives me a headache.

  • Who took the stripper pole?

  • Thanks to others for clarifying the reason why no contents are seen in the photos. As for the street name, I suppose “Proswimmer” would be easier to say than “Amatuerswimmer”.