What Lurks Beneath the Gargoyles of a Randall Davis Condo? Could Be You, for $5.5K a Month



Metropolis Lofts, 1914 W. Gray St., HoustonDo people in buildings Downtown spy on the Gargoyle-capped midrise on West Gray St. — or vice versa? This furnished, second-floor, 2-story condo in Randall Davis’ 1997-built Metropolis Lofts building is available for lease, asking $5,500 per month.



The interior, a purpose-built space dressed up to look like a converted warehouse-style loft, features exposed ductwork, a tubular-steel staircase, and flooring that’s either hardwood or concrete. In the living room, pictured at the top of the listing and in the background of the photo below, the ceiling rises 19 ft. or so, as does the massive window. Rooms stacked in 2 stories toward the core of the unit, meanwhile, top out at half that height:






In a windowless study area located behind reeded glass dividers off the foyer, built-in storage near the television nook has a handy now you see it . . .


now you don’t duplicity:


Both of the 2,345-sq.-ft unit’s bedroom spaces are on the second level:



The slate shower has room for 2 and a frosted view:




A wide balcony is on the east side of the 32-unit mid-rise condo building, located between River Oaks Shopping Center and River Oaks Plaza.


The U.S. Post Office facility next door has had an off-and-on flirtation with the market.

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  • The best thing about that view is that this hideous, tacky building isn’t in it. Gargoyle indeed.

  • Interior by Central Services. Who wants to look at ducts?

  • When will exposed air ducts go back out of fashion? Not soon enough, IMHO.

  • Good point, Shannon! That is the silver lining that I use sometimes when I think what it would have been like if I had bought at the Mercer or some such place.

    Regarding the ducts, does anyone build with those exposed anymore. Does seem very passé. However, my least favorite design fad of the 90s is having all rooms exposed to each other … such that you can lie in your bed and hear the kitchen noise coming in through the open space above the wall.

  • I’m waiting for one of the gargoyles to fall off the building !!!

  • @ Shannon @Guido…I dont know what yall smoking but this is an awesome looking building I just wish it was taller

  • So, if the post office is eventually sold, will they build a taller, uglier apartment building to block the view?

  • @miss_msry

    I agree. Last thing I’d want is a lot full of white townhomes packed in like cigarettes.

  • Elseed–that must be a nom de plum of ZaZa Gabor or maybe the ghost of Liberace, because they are the only ones who would think this building was anything but a hideous barnacle –oh and I don’t smoke.

  • I’ll bet a dollar that the gargoyles are made of styrofoam. That’s how Randall Davis rolls.

  • Funny, the exposed ducting doesn’t bother me as much as would being locked into what looks like a builtin that only has room for a 36″ tv.

    That’s the real question, when are people going to stop making built ins for TVs? Paying $5500 a month for a space fully furnished with a puny 36″ tv is ludicrous.

    The only thing that sucks about the exposed ducting is they didn’t commit to it, and it’s just the one duct that’s exposed, it looks like an after thought, or that they didn’t want to spend the money to put it out of sight, if you’re going to do it, commit to it, or don’t do it at all.

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