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  • Reminds me of my sweet spot flips I used to do back in the day.

    Buy for $60k, put in $20k, sell for low $100’s to net $100k on the sale. Profit $20k
    Rinse wash repeat.
    Yup. And I see this is pending. Someone will flip it for a solid base hit.

  • No longer pending. Big exterior wall crack in picture #6, so this one might be more likely to show up on the Daily Demolition Report.

    The floors all look fine, but it needs some windows replaced and a lot of drywall work. Holes in the walls make me think somebody stole all the plumbing. Might need more than $20k.

  • This place can be flipped? To my untrained eye, it is in serious need of a bulldozer, but I will defer to the professionals….

  • Gisgo: I haven’t seen it in person. I was just saying I used to do homes very similar. I quick look, at zillow (for what its worth) shows it fit the model pretty well.

    It won’t be demoed as the land value isn’t high enough to buy/demo. You can get an empty lot for much less.

  • Maybe I’ll flip it for the fun of it and document it. It’s been a long time since I’ve done one. Sort of miss it.

  • Interesting that the property price is $59360. I can imagine that conversation:
    Realtor: We need to set the asking price.
    Seller: How about 59375?
    Realtor: Easy there, buddy – this isn’t River Oaks! How about 59350?
    Seller: Sorry, I not just gonna give it away! Let’s go with 59360.
    Realor: Works for me. With any luck, it’ll show up on Swamplot!
    Seller: Wouldn’t that be sweet?!

  • Um… if Native Houstonian does not get comment of the day for that little nugget, there is no justice.