Stepping (Carefully) Through a Revived Spanish Revival in Lancaster Place



Note: The pricing history noted previously in this story was inaccurate. We’ve corrected it below.

From a pint-sized perch above a set of arched windows, saintly statuary appears to be keeping an eye o’er a updated 1925 Spanish Revival cottage near the Menil Collection. The heavenly presence might also guard against any sleepwalking encounters with the steep steps at the bottom of a flight of stairs . . .



as it lands in the kitchen. They come from a barrier-free bedroom upstairs, where there’s a sitting room but not much of a landing (or railing):


Elsewhere in the 1,825-sq.-ft. home, rooms are reached less intrepidly.


The front door sits at the back of an arched entry porch with iron gate and opens directly into the living room. There, natural light floods through south-facing windows and a set of doors facing the street. They access a front patio that’s wrapped by a midrise wall of stucco (above and at the top of this story).



Dining room and study (with beam ceiling and French doors) flow to an extensive back deck and pool:



The kitchen has been updated at some point. HCAD indicates a 1996 renovation. Earlier this year, the roof and breaker box were replaced.


The other bedroom (above) is on the first floor and has direct access outside, though the triple doors currently open into shrubbery.


Both bathrooms have also been updated.



Most of the back yard is covered by poolscape:



Looking for a pool house? The listing suggests converting the 1-car detached garage into one:


The home has been listed at $629,000 since May, though it spent a couple of days with an asking price $6K higher.  was listed for a couple of days in May for $635K, then taken off the market to have the roof and breaker box replaced, according to the listing agent. It went back on the market this past weekend for $629,000. Previously, it spent almost the entirety of the 2009 on the market had been on the market from early December 2008 to early February 2009 as well — priced in the mid-$400,000s — but didn’t find any takers.


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  • Cool exterior, but the interior… the price seems steep, but with this crazy market maybe it’s about right. Can’t wait so see my next tax assessment if something like this, in this area, can sell for 600000 plus.

  • Nice but way overpriced.

  • I wonder if Montrose is in a bubble or if there is mileage left.

    A year in the market with no takes for mid 400’s. Now 1/2 million more and it’ll sell fast.

  • 100,000+ of the increase is in the Land. I wonder how many of these 1920 era homes have had there wiring and plumbing 100% replaced, I bet not. The water pipes, if there galvanize pipe, the buried sections, are ripe for leaks. The wiring I would think , should all be up dated, not just the box.

  • I don’t think that it is accurate to say that this house was on the market for a year in 2009 at $400k. I rented it and moved in during March of 2009. I had a year lease so there was no way it could have been sold, and it wasn’t being shown. The place is looking great. It is a really unique home for Houston and reminds me of the houses in Los Feliz in LA.

  • at prices like that it seems like a bubble for sure. you’d be paying maybe $1300/month in taxes alone, enough to almost rent a 2bd apartment in the montrose area just by itself. then you’re also throwing down 120k for a 20% down payment and $2500/month for 30 years on a mortgage.
    no way would i pay those prices to live in the montrose and can you imagine how financially secure you’d be by throwing that $2500/month into the stock market instead? but hey, i’m just an engineer and not a doctor or lawyer.

  • @Charlie: It looks like you’re right — we had misread the MLS record. The home’s pricing history has now been corrected in the story.

  • most of the houses in montrose that have changed hands in the last 10 to 15 years have new wiring (insurance companies require it b/f you can close) and most have new piping b/c it was put in with the updated kitchens and/or bathrooms.

  • My neighbor sold his house two years, he had updated the kitchen, and bathrooms. I said is your house completely rewired, or a some of both? He said some of both.