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  • One word- SWANK

  • Did Napoleon sleep here on his way to Elba–lord, this all seriousness this is hideous on so many levels I don’t know where to begin so I won’t

  • I count FIVE air conditioning units. The summer electric bill must be stupendous.

  • Time to get out the reciprocating saw and turn that panelling into built-ins for my personal reading nook!

    You can soooo tell the house was built in ’79, but I don’t mind one bit. I’d ditch the carpeted dining island, throw some paint around, and call it my tree house.

    Don’t know anything about the area, though, so I don’t know if the price is reasonable for the location and size of the lot. Anyone?

  • Those built in weird looking shelves I could store 10k to 15k vinyl records I like it

  • Very interesting place, but flat roof means you’ll be forever chasing leaks. Plenty of evidence of water damage from the interior photos.

  • I love every inch of that house.

  • Carpeted bathroom with sunken tub? That was some good cocaine…

  • A really cool place for something built in 1979. The greenhouse-like breakfast nook has gorgeous views, and the spiral staircase is cool.

  • RM: Five window units can use less electricity than central air. Perhaps every room has one but is only turned on when needed.
    In some of our 1 bedrooms, we have two window units: One in the bedroom (small) and one in the living room. That way at night the tenant is only having to cool their small room. With central air they’d be keeping their whole home cold.
    (FYI I’m still a central air fan, just sayin’)