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  • That gaudy dining area mural probably cost a lot, but it isn’t to everyone’s taste and would certainly put some dinner guests off their food. Maybe the current owners can remove it and take it with them when they leave.

  • The same person did not commission that mural and select and place that dining furniture. Right? How is that possible? The furniture is so traditional, and the mural is fun and whimsical. I don’t get it.

  • I take it back. The same person with no taste purchased both pieces, as well as the rest of the mismatch modern meets traditional pieces. Got it, I should have viewed the rest of the house photos first.

  • Have to admit, I kinda like this property. Neat location, and the art deco details add some nice flair to what would otherwise be a boring/typical townhome. “Where Montrose meets River Oaks” is a joke, though… River Oaks is a whole mile away.