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  • “If you like the 1950’s life style, you will love to see this home.”


  • Looks like a nice starter home, and a place where someone may be able to build some equity. The lot size is good, and the surrounding area looks decent.

  • Listing states home was built in 1931. Looks like some of the furniture is original to the home. I know the place is totally trashed, but I loved looking at these photos.

    I hope the homebuyer decides to save “Tootsie’s Party Room” (pictured in the photo) and leaves it on display as a permanent art installation.

  • Will probably get torn down. Noticed Contract Pending on it, and new construction next door. Shame. Glass doorknobs, 6″ baseboards and trim, and wood floors. Maybe, if they have an antique dealer buy up the contents, the new owner will let them salvage the doors.

  • I’d take this sweet little house over the ridiculousness of a gargantuan “mansion” any time, any day.

  • I’d buy in a heartbeat, if there was a world class botanical garden right next door

  • While I can appreciate things built to more rigorous standards, I feel saddened by looking through those photos. It just has an air of depleted energy about it.

  • 1) Tag should be 77017, not 77019.
    2) The sideboard that appears in the first few pictures looks like the same one we had growing up, only ours was stained darker.

  • Thanks, GoogleMaster! It’s been fixed!

  • “There is much history surrounding this room.” WHAT IS THE HISTORY? TELL US!

  • “Starter home..?” More like ender home…

  • What is the amazing thing under the yellow counter top?

  • You know, the listing agent, Helen Guillory, was also my realtor when my wife and I bought our first home. We wanted to buy in Garden Villas and Helen has lived in GV since the early 60s. She’s sold many of the properties in the neighborhood 2 or 3 times! I’ll send her the post and maybe she can clue everyone in on the backstory.

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    From the Park Place, Houston, Texas Facebook page


  • @tinyvoices

    Search Tootsies in the Park Place, Houston, Texas Facebook page for an old photo of Tootsies. The previous link may not go directly to the post dated November 5, 2015 where you can find people shared their childhood memories of the place.

  • I. Love. This. House. It reminds me of my grandparents’ 1940 house in Bellaire. I know exactly how it smells. I want it.