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  • Creepy, I could never go in there at night!

    I’m guessing by the lack of bed in this room that this is some adult person’s doll and pony collection…

    Seems too organized and sterile for a kid to be living there!

  • It’s also owned by the schlumberger CEO which is probably a little concerning.

  • It puts the lotion on the skin……Or it gets the hose again.

  • That’s A LOT of money in American Girl dolls (and stuff).

  • These fake “industrial” lofts. Just paint the concrete ceilings and get over it.

  • I built and installed these cabinets for the current owners. Very cool people.

    She has a big doll collection that she wanted to organize and display.

    The long, deep, floating shelves were a little tricky… but overall I think they turned out nicely.
    (design by Irini Kotelou)

  • The guy made $23M last year and that’s where he lived?!?! I’m guessing that’s not the primary residence…?

  • Renters could currently occupy this unit, the majority of the property owners in this building do not live here. Most have owned the units since the property was built and either keep their units as 2nd and 3rd+ homes to stay when in the country on business or as lease properties.