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  • The first amazing thing is that someone actually thought this up and designed it; then someone manufactured it, and finally someone bought it. It’s pretty funny in a Duchamp’s ‘Fountain’ sort of way

  • This one’s too high, this one’s too low, but this one is just right..

  • Very weird, but I guess it’s better than running out or hiding it from your guests.

    Some people have this strange Victorian aversion to having the toilet paper visible to guests (even though anyone in there in the first place is already using the toilet), and therefore make it totally hidden — hilarity ensues.

  • I don’t see how it would be easy to reach when needed. And, absent the standard wall fixture, it seems there is no other option.

    At least the paper is visible though, unlike a friend in NY that has the toilet paper holder securely attached to the inside of the vanity door. Problem is, if it’s your first visit to his home, you don’t necessarily know that. He did see to it that, in both bathrooms, the vanity is easily reached when using the facilities.