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  • Well, the wardrobe matches the art. I guess it sells well to afford the house.

  • Wow I really like that house. I feel like they went right up to the line in a few of the rooms, and some of the recent remodeling work seems to be a bit…I dunno, blase, but still, I really like that space.

  • “Chilled Wine Room” – I don’t think a portable AC unit justifies this statement.

    Have relators stopped advising their clients to declutter?

  • i would have went with the pic of the guest bed with sombreros instead

  • ohhhh it’s an AC unit! I thought that was a big industrial shredder and couldn’t for the life of me figure out why it was in the freaking wine room

  • I’m not sure a mid 70s can be considered MCM.

  • Looks like someone ordered one of everything from IKEA.

  • “You know, this interior reminds me of another place I visited once…” – said no visitor ever.

  • The realtor should ban the word “boasts” from his vocabulary for a while.

  • Ha! great comments – everyone is spot on.
    I would
    have cleared out this house before photos – played up its Luis Barragan-ishness
    (He is rolling over in his grave)