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  • Home schoolin’ in the U.S. of A!

  • Kind of sad the grandkid has a dunce chair. What’s fun ’bout that?

  • It looks like an interrogation chamber.

  • Is it any wonder that Americans have no sense of international geography or affairs? Hell, these poor kids won’t even be able to identify US states. At least the collection of crosses saved this family from the rapture. Or maybe not…is that why it is for sale? Surprisingly though, not a terrible house if you can get past the hideous kitchen and exposed “brick”.

  • Mommy, why does Alaska get cold when it’s off-shore right beside Hawaii?

  • Wow, I’ve been remiss in providing my grandaughter with a proper playroom. Too bad.

  • Each to his own. Everything considered, a much nicer home than most of over-the-top, gotta-have-the-latest, mess seen in these listing examples – IMHO.

  • Call me a snob, but can somebody tell me how a not-very-attractive house way outside of town is listed for $649K?

  • By way outside of town you mean far from the loop? It’s in the heart of Sugar Land. Inside Highway 6, about three minutes from Whole Foods and Sugar Land Town Centre and less than a minute from SLB and the new ballpark.

  • The sellers must be naturalized citizens.

  • Are 1960 era homes in Sugar Land really going for ~$200 per sq ft?

  • Fake lakefront + large lot + pool + surprisingly tasteful (and patriotic) updates=$200 per sq ft. asking price.

    – 1960s construction – road noise from HWY 90 – plenty of 3000+ sq ft houses in Sugar Land=$175 per sq ft selling price.

  • I actually like the kitchen. It takes guts to put every available design element into one room. I actually never seen a bricked oven outside of a Brady Bunch episode. Consider my hat is tipped to you, fair owners!