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  • you guys picked this image over the dolphin throw on the mater bed, the fact that they use nearly every door as a towel rack and the towel racks as “pants drying zones”, the room that houses 4 different subwoofer boxes, a cardboard box for a coffee table, the commercial mop bucket, or the fancy grilling zone out back? Ok, you’re right, at least this pic shows they do have a coffee table….used as a portion of the entertainment center.

  • LOL. bachelor pad! Love the details including all the cereal boxes in the kitchen. Would love to see what the garage looks like. Looks like the guy snapping the photos didn’t bother wearing a shirt either.

  • Ah, renters.

  • minimalists

  • This has to be a college-student house

  • Whomever is selling this home is apparently unaware of the concept of ‘staging’…or cleaning.

  • Don’t forget the dirty toilet in the half bath.

  • Isn’t there some unwritten rule about not having people in these pictures? The place looks like a frat house (commode lids up is just one indication). I can only think these are tenants who don’t want the house to sell, so they don’t have to clean up this mess before they go.

  • Low-level cartel employee house. Just hang out all day watching TV and eating junk food waiting for the phone to ring.

  • What is the point of ever taking a photograph down into a toilet, let alone when the toilet bowl is dirty enough to invoke some of my vomit muscles from spontaneously twitching. I’ve always kind of known that grown men who playing video games are simpletons. Now I have proof.

  • Love the car hood on the dining room table

  • It appears as if that dolphin is entering Earth’s atmosphere through some sort of worm hole.

  • I like the way she began her remarks with “Nice two story home…..”
    Way to go Jeannie– what does “Not Nice” look like?

  • And realtors wonder why most people with money want to live inside the Loop. And I’m talking about inside the Sam Houston Tollway. Or am I?

  • It’s not about pictures, it’s about location and price. I could list a property in montrose for sale and have 6 photos of naked homeless men and I’d have 5 offers before noon.
    Worrying about staging for photos is when you don’t have other sales strengths.
    Just my opinion…

  • Is this a mock posting? Can’t believe that any self-respecting realtor (note lower case) would take/post these photos…

  • In my central Austin neighborhood, we have super messy people living in $350K houses, with junked out yards and, tall weeds, etc.. Based on Streetview, the neighborhood where the featured house is located actually looks pretty decent overall.

  • I thought the same thing as Fernando. Is somebody getting punked?

  • I call next!

  • @Cody: My point exactly. This house has no other sales strengths (i.e. it is not located in Montrose or any other highly desirable Houston location), therefore photos of a clean and well-kept residence would be the bare minimum. Forget staging.

  • It’s like a suburban version of where Jesse Pinkman would live.